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Facebook Bans Emojis Because It Doesn’t Want You To Flirt?

I bet you will not be able to look at real-life peach and eggplant the same way again

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Yet again, Facebook proves that it has its priorities straight! You may not understand the priorities but that doesn’t matter for the big corporation. It will not allow you to use certain emojis anymore. Why? Because it doesn’t want you to find love! (or lust, whatever).

All right, on a serious note, Facebook is officially updating its Community Standards. In particular, it has banned the peach and the eggplant emoji in both Facebook and Instagram.

The funniest part is perhaps how they phrased their new rule. They referred to the emojis as ‘commonly used sexual emoji’. The internet is somehow so unified that it immediately understood that it means peach and eggplant. This is hilarious to me because how could these be the only emojis? People have sent emojis of a freaking blender and then asked for sexually explicit pictures in return. So, Facebook isn’t inclusive.

But that’s not the only controversy Facebook would be facing.

What Does the Ban Mean?

If you include these sexually explicit emojis on any of your Facebook posts, the company can flag or remove your content. Instagram added further clarification to it and stated:

The content “will only be removed from Facebook and Instagram if it contains a sexual emoji alongside an implicit or indirect ask for nude imagery, sex or sexual partners, or sex chat conversations,”

Okay, so things are clearing up now. Facebook does not approve of sexual conversations of any sort. This is quite ironic since social media’s messaging platforms were always laden with NSFW chats.

But the social media company seems to have the right intention. They want to ban all nude, sexual and NSFW posts to have a safer environment.

There is one justified exception to this rule though. When the posts are showcasing something on sexual violence, assault or exploitation, the post can go through. But that still means the funny posts and memes containing even the slightest nudity could get flagged.

Peach And Eggplant Emoji Forever Banned?!

Poor peach and eggplant emojis, being banned for something that wasn’t even their fault. They were just simple fruit and vegetable emojis that your grandmother could use to share her excitement over Sunday’s farmer market. Will Nana not be able to use it anymore!?

No no, Facebook isn’t that cruel. It won’t ban the posts if it’s an innocent remark regarding the peaches of the season.

What Does Facebook Hope to Do With This Emoji Ban?

The intentions of this corporation seem to be somewhat pure. They simply do not want their social media platforms to be used for people to engage in sexual conversations.

Remember, only the posts that have an NSFW post alongside it will get banned.

Don’t worry, Facebook isn’t coming in the way of your love life. (Though, if you used these posts to get a suitor, I’d doubt they were ones that would last a long time).

Plus, there’s the new Facebook Dating feature in the social media platform now which is basically Facebook’s own Tinder version that you could use should you want to.

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