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Issa Rae Doesn’t Want ‘Yes’ People Around Her

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Issa Rae is an actress and producer who is most recognizable from her role as Issa Dee in the Insecure TV show.  Fans love the show for its candid take on the everyday struggles of an African-American woman. Rae has not only acted but also created the show alongside Larry Wilmore.

Though, she initially rose to fame through her web series, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. Rae’s Insecure TV show follows a similar theme but with a bigger cast including Jay Ellis, Yvonne Orji, and Lisa Joyce.

Slowly but surely, Rae is climbing up the Hollywood ladder to great success. During her journey, she has a lot of insight to share with her fans. Recently, she shared that she doesn’t want ‘yes people’ around her:

One of the things I’m deathly afraid of is being surrounded by yes people. The more successful you are, the more that happens actively and constantly.

This was at the Neuehouse Hollywood venue at a Patreon Assembly event. Apart from Issa Rae, the panel also includes Whitney Cummings, Paul Scheer, and Patton Oswalt. Moreover, it also included some musicians such as Gabbie Hanna.

Interestingly, Gabbia Hanna who is also a YouTuber receives funds from fans via Patreon subscriptions. And so does Issa Rae!

Hard to Find a Balance

She also shared how hard it is to balance being a creative person while also handling a business, the latter of which she claims she struggles with.

“I listen a lot, check-in, but as an ongoing presence, I feel pretty overwhelmed by that. I try to create an environment where people feel comfortable complaining, and they do, a lot.”

Rae is fearful that she’ll get so wrapped up in the creative side of things that she’ll end up neglecting the business side of it all. That is why she does not want ‘yes people’ around her. Rather, she wants people that will voice their opinion if something seems to be going wrong.

“I’m impulsive. I also have tunnel vision. I get so wrapped up that sometimes I forget you have your own goals, you have your own vision that you’re hoping to achieve.”

Of course, there have to be some yes people. After all, Issa Rae did need creative control over her personal projects. Personal creativity added more depth to it because Issa Rae was authentic. But that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to tell her no.

Rae is currently working on a romcom movie with Kumail Nanjiani called The Lovebirds.

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