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Coldplay Shading Trump’s Gun Control Policy In New Track Guns?

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Coldplay is back with a bang and as Chris Martin said, they are not scared of the world anymore. Their upcoming album is called Everyday Life and it is releasing on November 22, 2019. In fact, three singles from the album Orphans, Arabesque and Everyday Life are out already. And Coldplay shared a snippet of their new single Guns a few hours ago. Their new album is definitely following a theme many people are too scared to talk about. Chris Martin is highlighting the cruel wars and violence in the world. However, their new track seems like a direct shade to President Donald Trump’s Gun Control Policy. Honestly speaking, I do not think we can clearly define what Trump’s gun control definition really is.

Coldplay Is On A Mission To Promote Peace & Love

Chris Martin and his band Coldplay are using Music as the weapon of the future. They are not just shedding a spotlight on U.S gun violence in Arab Countries, they are also highlighting the so-called Trump’s gun control policy in the U.S. Everyone knows that Trump is occupied with impeachment inquiry at the moment. The haters say he is not good at multi-tasking and he focuses on one task at a time, currently on impeachment. Gun violence and gun laws are buried under the rock for now. And we have to agree, Coldplay’s timings are on-point when it comes to spreading awareness through their music, lyrics and subliminal messages.

Everyone hurts, everyone cries, everyone sees the colour in each other’s eyes.

Shading Trump’s Gun Control Policy

Coldplay Guns lyrics are directly hitting the courts and Trump’s non-existent gun control policy.

Take it from the playgrounds, Take it from the bums.

Take it from the hospitals and squeeze it from the slums.

All the kids make pistols with their fingers and their thumbs.

Advertise a revolution, arm it when it comes.

We’re cooking up the zeros, we’ve been doing all the sums.

The judgement of this court is, WE NEED MORE GUNS.

Coldplay’s released snippet of the latest track calls out the Government as well as the courts. Guns are still not banned, the U.S. is still planning to start wars with some countries. We hope to find more amazing songs by Coldplay on November 22, 2019.

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The album, Everyday Life [Explicit], is available for purchase on Amazon.

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