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Jaclyn Hill’s Halloween Cancel Culture Costume & More Inside Scoop

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Jaclyn Hill, a famous YouTuber, and professional makeup artist still seems to be facing the flames of a lot of heated backlashes and drama even after her Halloween party. Things have been tough for Jaclyn since she became the victim of Cancel Culture. The makeup mogul rose to success after her famous ‘Get Ready With Me & Kim Kardashian’ video on Youtube. With over 6 million subscribers, Jaclyn was offered huge beauty collaborations. She collaborated with high-end beauty brand BECCA for their Champagne Pop highlighter, which was a huge success. Possibly her greatest achievement so far was her very own ‘Jaclyn Hill eye-shadow palette’ launched by ‘Morphe Cosmetics’.

But she has her fair share of failures as well. In fact, her more recent collaborations with both BECCA and Morphe Cosmetics failed when customers complained of poor-quality.

However, the beauty guru went through, perhaps, the darkest time of her career after the release of her own beauty lines’ lipsticks.

Lipstick trouble for Jaclyn Hill | A Brief History

Jaclyn Hill’s career was beginning to go downhill soon after the launch of her ‘So Rich’ lipsticks. The collection included twenty $18 nude shades and they got sold out within days.

Soon after, customers started reporting lumps, white fuzz, black spots, sweat marks and even hair in the lipsticks. Jaclyn quickly responded with justification for each issue. The ‘hair’ was from cotton gloves of lab-workers. The spots were formed from oxygen bubbles. And the lumps formed because of improper mixing of products.

But the explanation did not pacify the situation. The YouTube-star turned makeup maestro was not forgiven by the public. She also offered a full refund for the lipsticks and assured fans that she will change the working labs.

However, a biochemist Kenna spilled more truth about the lipsticks after testing them. And stated that though the lipsticks cleared the test, however, the sample size was not enough to deduct many conclusions. But visuals prove they are ‘contaminated and unsafe for human use.’

Jaclyn Hill’s social media

After all the trouble, Jaclyn disappeared from social media for a while. Finally, she was back with a 19-minute long video on YouTube where she tried to address all the issues. She apologized for not saying anything earlier as she was not in a state to do so.

I say it every day and I still choke on those words. My launch was a failure. It Failed. It sucked. I spent so much time working on that brand. I spent so much time hyping people up, I was excited.


‘Cancel Culture’ costume for Halloween

In a possible attempt to cover up for her mistakes, Jaclyn recently hosted a Halloween Party at her new gorgeous mansion in Los Angeles. But it seems that the makeup artist is simply sizzling up the hate rather than calming it down.

What caused immediate frenzy was her costume though. Cancel culture is a hot trend these days where public figures are easily held accountable. Labeling someone as ‘canceled’ is equivalent to boycotting them completely, in the online world.

Jaclyn Hill donned a body-hugging black and red with bold text phrases saying “Jaclyn Hill Canceled”, “She’s Canceled”  printed all over it.

She clapped back at her haters not just with the Cancel Culture costume, but also with this really angst-y, fierce caption too.


More drama from the Halloween party

Sebastian Williams, a famous YouTuber with a drama channel having 720k subscribers, was also invited. In a video on the channel, Sebastian shared that he could not believe it when he saw the invite from Jaclyn Hill herself.

“I was quaking. I was like what, what.”

Even the Halloween party theme ‘Love Me Or Hate Me, Lets Get Crazy ‘suggests that the event was entirely about Jaclyn’s lipstick scandal.

Williams, who flew all the way to L.A to attend the Halloween party and arrived at the party ‘fashionably late’, shared that absolutely no one was there. For his costume, he accessorized it using Jaclyn’s lipsticks as ‘horns’. (Ouch)

When it got really late, Jaclyn Hill finally arrived with her boyfriend. (Apparently, she was fashionably late at her own party as well). Her sister was also there. Sebastian gave out some more interesting scoop regarding the drama that really happened.

Jaclyn Hill’s attempts at making amends

At the party, Jaclyn’s boyfriend apparently came up to Sebastian “repeatedly”. According to Sebastian, he was very respectful and nice. But when he came to talk to him for the sixth time, Sebastian reported feeling ‘uncomfortable’.

Sebastian was constantly told by Jaclyn’s boyfriend that “we really appreciate what you do and we respect your work.” Soon later, Jaclyn’s older sister also joined in and asked Sebastian what his intentions really were. She exclaimed, “Jaclyn Hill sacrificed herself! She’s doing so much work for everyone.”

Sebastian added his own reply,

 I just told them just because I have a drama channel I’m not sitting here scheming to end Jaclyn Hill’s career. It started getting, ‘not offensive’ but I felt like I was getting defensive. Like, don’t invite drama channels if you want to do this.

Then Sebastian was taken to Jaclyn Hill’s private room along with Jaclyn in her Cancel Culture costume, her boyfriend, and her sister.

He reports that Jaclyn told him how drama channels made her feel. Sebastian told her, “I look at both sides, but I have to report on it. We don’t makeup thing.”

Jaclyn still felt like drama channels were doing her dirty. In response, Sebastian apparently gave her some really blunt and important advice:

“I simply asked her why she releasing hairy lipsticks. I told her to make a short video to clarify everything instead of rambling for 50 mins like she always does”.

Is she going to take that advice? We really hope she does that.

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