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Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark Is Shocked Over Insect Fragments In Peanut Butter

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Imagine finding out you might have been eating insect fragments & rodent hair while binging on your favorite snacks, for example, a peanut butter sandwich. Maisie Williams a.k.a Arya Stark from Game of Thrones just did that exactly. Well, a Post-Brexit trade deal with the US might end up with some really icky food consequences for the UK. Meanwhile, Maisie Williams, an English actress who starred as Arya Stark in the American television series Game Of Thrones, is in a literal state of shock.

What is this Brexit trade deal?

So the UK is signing a post-Brexit trade deal with the US. This deal will allow free trade between the countries. This means US food products will be coming into the UK on a large scale. Now, if you are wondering where do the maggots come from? Well, according to US food regulatory standards, a certain amount of maggots is actually allowed.

In fact, Rodent hair, insect fragments, and even mammalian feces are allowed in US food products up to a specified limit.

In an article by the ‘The Business Insider’, some important details of what US food producers are permitted to use were revealed:

  • Up to 30 insect fragments in a 100-gram jar of peanut butter.
  • 11 rodent hairs in a 25-gram container of paprika
  • 3 milligrams of mammalian excreta (typically rat or mouse excrement) per each pound of ginger.

However, any such limits are not allowed for UK or EU food producers.

Caroline Lucas, a member of the British Green Party, who is actively campaigning against the Brexit Deal expressed her outrage:

“Under the government’s disastrous Brexit, we will finally be free to eat all the maggot-ridden food we like. No-one voted for a Brexit that waters down the safety and hygiene of our food — but that’s what the government is pursuing.”

As an update, UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox claimed that the UK will not lower its food standards after Brexit. But in November, he had said, there is “no objection” to UK consumers eating products after Brexit, that are currently banned by the EU, like chlorine-washed chicken.

When Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark found out…

Maisie Williams, more famously known as Arya Stark from ‘Game Of Thrones’ found the news on Twitter.

Casper Salmon, a film-writer based in London tweeted the following:

Maisie Williams Arya Stark Tweet Brexit

Maisie Williams replied:

Oh, Maisie, we are just as shocked as you are.

The Hollywood peanut butter & Maisie Williams…

On a more humorous note, Caspor Salmon tweeted back:

Oops! We can’t help but laugh at this savage peanut butter comment. But we do feel bad for the beloved Game of Thrones star.

Maisie Williams, we hope as much as you do that this is ‘not’ true but it seems unlikely. Uh, maggot-filled peanut butter it is then.

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