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Jackie Chan, The Kung Fu Master, Wears Watches Made After Himself

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Over in the past, Jackie Chan has received several gifts from people to pay tribute to his legacy. Rightly so as well, because who else has done 141 movies during his career? This included with action stunts done by themselves. Scratch that. Doing all this while also being a Kung Fu, Karate and Chinese martial arts master?

We can hardly think of anyone. None of those gifts stands close to Richard Mille putting up the name of Jackie Chan on one of their watches, that he now wears.

Jackie Chan Receives a Richard Mille Watch

Now, for those who don’t know. Richard Mille is a luxury Swiss watchmaking company. It’s a big deal! Their watch for Chan was quite interesting.

The RM 57-03 has a dragon and a phoenix inside its dial, both made out of gold. According to the watchmakers, Phoenix is the king of birds. Whereas, dragons are the heavenly deities. Since Kung Fu master Jackie Chan has done it all and is absolutely adored by everyone, so why not? Richard Mille made a special watch made out of Titanium, with a dial that features two of the most famous mythical creatures.

The following is from the description of RM-57:

The Phoenix, a supernatural bird, was commonly referred to as the ‘King of Birds’ embodying the five virtues of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and sincerity as well as being symbolic for the Empress.

It was known never to harm either a single insect nor blade of grass, eating and drinking nothing but bamboo seeds and sweet spring water. The dragon has always appeared in a magical variety of forms; long or short bodied, small or gigantic in size. Its nature could be both secretive yet active, and it inhabited all areas of the universe from the heights above to the depths below. Since they were able to travel between the skies and earth, dragons were considered the mounts of heavenly deities.

The company also writes that the watch is made from rose gold. The mythical figures inside the dials are hand-carved with precision. Special tools were needed to be made just to design the miniature figures in this much detail. To complete realism, the painting was done to bring them to life.

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