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Nicole Kidman On Charlize Theron’s Megyn Kelly Disguise!

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Looks like Nicole Kidman is quite impressed by Charlize Theron’s Megyn Kelly impersonation. Theron plays the role of a former Fox News host, in her latest drama, Bombshell.

Nicole Kidman Didn’t Recognize Charlize Theron on the Set of Bombshell

Charlize is playing the role of the famous news channel host, Megyn Kelly. The impersonation was so impeccable that the star of Big Little Lies didn’t recognize the co-star on set one day. Theron told Entertainment Tonight:

She walked by me at one point and I thought she was mad at me. I thought, Oh god! What did I do? Did I mess something up in her trailer? Did I not say hi nicely?

While describing the hilarious incident with Nicole, the actress from Monster Film adds:

She came up to me and she was like ‘Charlize?’ and then I said, Yes are you mad at me? She said, No I just didn’t know that was you!

The brief misunderstanding at the set of Bombshell was a good laugh. Theron also added that Nicole Kidman has been an important support-system through-out her carrier:

She has never done anything but support and show up for me. We’ve been trying to make a movie for so long. I’m just happy to finally be in a film with her

The New Drama Movie | What’s It About?

The story revolves around the women who experienced sexual harassment at Fox News Network. Charlize’s Megyn Kelly is one of them. Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie are playing some key characters as well.

Theron recently became a a Hollywood Film Award winner. From what we are hearing, Theron’s acting skills in Bombshell are worth watching.

So far, we are hearing only good things about the cast and the movie itself. Dankanator will keep you in the loop as more information starts pouring in.

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