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Bojack Horseman’s Princess Carolyn | The Workaholic Mom

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Most of us love the pink, Persian, workaholic Hollywood-agent cat in the show. Princess Carolyn, voiced by Amy Sedaris, is not only one of the most relatable characters but has a multitude of dimensions to her personality that are ever expressive in the latest Bojack Horseman Season 6.

Princess Carolyn’s Suppressed Depression

Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) is self-driven and determined to succeed professionally. Her mental health seems fine on the surface but she is, in fact, always on the verge of breaking down. She surrounds herself with piles of work and tasks. In trying to be a perfectionist loses all the little, happy moments of life.


Throughout the series, her life revolves around a strive for perfection and even solving other people’s problems. She believes she can fix anything or anyone.

But when it comes to herself, she never admits to needing help. Her streak of self-reliance and independence leaves her in a lonely little bubble created by herself.


She frequently has pep talks with herself, trying to remember her own worth. Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) actually suffers from high-functioning depression that leads her to over-obsess on details and loses grasp on potential relationships.


Her Complicated Dating History

Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) almost always finds herself in relationships on impulse, not stopping to think practically.

P.C. has a long history with Bojack Horseman, professionally and romantically. As an ex-girlfriend of Bojack Horseman, somehow their past relationship still has deep significance in the show. Their breakup was one of the saddest scenes still etched in the minds of fans.

Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) had a huge role in always motivating him, believing in him, and pushing him to be his best. It seems that for Bojack Horseman she was just a fling or a reliable friend. Many fans ship the two being together and often spot references hinting that P.C may still be in love with Bojack Horseman.

She tells herself to stay motivated and be a hard-core career girl after Bojack Horseman breaks up with her. While she tries to maintain this cold exterior, she is deeply lonely inside.

P.C, at one point, becomes so delusional and far from reality regarding relationships, that she starts dating a guy, Vincent Adultman, who is in fact, three kids stacked on each other, wearing a trench-coat. The episodes based around this story are comic but hints at a deeply rooted problem with Princess Carolyn when it comes to choosing a partner.

Later she also finds herself interested in a married co-worker, Rutabaga Rabitowitz. He cheats on his wife and delays the divorce process only to string P.C along. He ends up choosing his wife.

Love Never Lasts For PC

She then dates Ralph, who ends up becoming one of her serious love interests in the show. Ralph sparks a hope in Princess Carolyn that she might finally have a happy ending. However, after a number of miscarriages and the news of hearing she cant give birth, P.C ends up pushing him away and leaving him too.

She is then back to her fiercely independent way of life.

Princess Carolyn as a Mother

Season 6 brings Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) in a new light; embracing motherhood! She has realized that empty emotional space in her life could only be filled by nurturing a child. After several miscarriages, the last season ended with P.C finally adopting a baby.

Season 6 begins with Princess Carolyn and her baby-porcupine. Episode 2 ‘The New Client’ when P.C rushes home to find the nanny quitting. She angrily tells P.C that she needs to prioritize her child and says “She is your client now.” Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) struggles between being a mother and having a dynamic career. She is aiming to be superwoman yet again. Her baby, still being nameless, is referred to as ‘Untitled Princess Carolyn Project.’

The series is now relatable to women especially those who wish to work while parenting. The exhaustion of juggling between the demands of single motherhood, being alone, and the fundamental caregiver, the immense amount of patience needed- are some important themes in this season.

She Embraces Motherhood

The episode hints at depression related to motherhood when Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) confides in Vanessa Gekko. P.C thinks she’s a better agent than a mother is scared of never truly loving her demanding child. Gekko advises her to treat this baby like a client, to fulfill her needs even when she doesn’t want to. The two finally find a bond in motherhood despite their rocky past where they were always in competition.

But soon enough there is hope. P.C finds a way to make her baby laugh with a super personal, unexpected gesture. She feels hopeful about this new life and names her baby, Ruthie.

In the following episodes, Todd Chavez comes to the rescue as a ‘manny’. Now, this, is truly a wholesome treat to watch.

Will Princess Carolyn Get a Happy Ending?

How will Princess Carolyn manage her professional life with being a mother? Will she finally find a partner for good? Would Bojack Horseman finally be the one? Or will she leave a promising hope for single motherhood?

Will she continue suffering with high-functioning depression? Or will we finally find her relaxing and feeling at ease in life and make all her little wishes come true?

We hope Part 2 of the final season tells how our favorite pink cat on television turns out. One thing is for sure, we have to watch Bojack Horseman in January.

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