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Death Stranding For PS4-Price & Review | Is It Worth Buying?

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Only a couple of days left until Death Stranding for PS4 arrives. Hideo Kojima and his team have been working very hard on this project. The Norman Reedus video game took many years to develop and prolonged wait kept the fans on their toes. Hideo Kojima kept dropping teasers and trailers during the last 3 years. And every Death Stranding trailer led to questions and more questions. However, since we are nearing Death Stranding release date i.e. November 8, 2019, many official gaming reviewers have been blessed by the premature delivery of the game for opinions. IGN review is out, and gamers did not really like it because the review has approximately 25k likes and 26k dislikes. We’ll dive into the likes and dislikes in detail. Death Stranding is available for pre-order at $60.

Death Stranding PS4-Editions & Pricing Details

You can order Death Stranding for PS4 from different editions, depending upon how big Kojima fan you really are. The standard version of Death Stranding is available for $59.99. On pre-ordering, you also receive a NENDOROID Ludens Avatar. Playstation also confirms that you will get a Death Stranding PS4 dynamic theme, in-game gear including “Sam” sunglasses in gold, Hat in gold, Speed Skeleton in gold and Armor Plate in gold as well. These in-game gears will be unlocked in the game on story progression only.
Death Stranding Digital Deluxe Edition is available for $79.99. It costs $20 more than the standard version. The pre-order checkout gift remains the same; i.e. NENDOROID Ludens Avatar. However, Deluxe Edition also has Ludens Mask Sunglasses in gold, Power Skeleton in gold, All-Terrain skeleton in gold and Armor Plate in gold (level 2). Moreover, you get 10 avatars featuring various characters from the Death Stranding game. And yes, you get the digital album download link as well. Woah! the reason why I fell in love with this game is 99.9% because of the music.

Special Ones

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Death Stranding Special Edition and Collector’s Edition are not directly available on the PlayStation 4 for purchase. However, Playstation gives you an option to pre-order these editions through Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Gamestop for Special Edition. Whereas; the Collector’s edition pre-order options are Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop and Target. In fact, time is running out and these editions are already out of stock on some of the suppliers’ stores. You can buy the Death Stranding – PlayStation 4 Special Edition by clicking on the link.

IGN Review | Why People Do Not Like It?

The Norman Reedus video game, Death Stranding, has been reviewed by IGN and other famous platforms. However, we are only focusing on IGN right now because the critics were criticized for this review. Why? well, I really was not expecting this spoiler at all from the review. The thing is, it is an important part of the game. In fact, the whole Death Stranding revolves around this particular spoiler so IGN had to mention it. Since everyone is hating it (even me because that really spoiled it), I am skipping the spoiler. You can watch the whole IGN review here but beware of spoilers.
That little spoiler will be revealed at the beginning of the game. Though it seems very small when compared to the overall 50+ hours plot of the game, Reddit users are really pissed. The other details include inventory analysis and overall review of the game. IGN did not really like the in-depth detail and options of inventory in the game. Moreover, they were not really happy with the back-and-forth trips by the character Sam to pick up things and carry them to the other spot.

Is Death Stranding-PS4 Worth Buying?

The story is definitely interesting and that spoiler really changes the whole mood of the game. If you are a patient person and you do not mind running for few hours in the beginning of the game, then Death Stranding 4 is definitely worth buying. Hideo Kojima has really turned it into a movie. And who knows, we might get a movie on this Norman Reedus game, starring Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, for real.

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