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Joe Jackson Died, What He Left Behind

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Joe Jackson, the American entertainer has died in Las Vegas at the age of eighty-nine years. Even though the real cause has been unidentified, he probably died from a prolonged illness. Even then, he refused to see most of his immediate family members. Well, that’s right in line with his personality – abusive and cruel.

That’s probably just who Joe Jackson was. Fairly bitter and harsh even with his sons. His youngest son was so afraid of his father that he used to throw up just at the sight of him. Jackson would hit his sons with belts and whips. The youngest one, Michael even expressed,

I was so fast he couldn’t catch me half the time, but, when he would catch me, oh, my God, it was bad. It was really bad.

As hard as Joe Jackson was on his sons, he did give them something to go by for the rest of their lives. Joe Jackson gathered together his three eldest sons to form a musical group. The younger ones later joined it as well. The Jackson Five soon made performances in different clubs, and even won a talent show. One of the tapes that Jackson made of the band is still on YouTube. Michael Jackson, the youngest of them played lead singer. Surely, his style and career developed from that very day. Michael seemed infected by the music. It’s evident when he sings, it looks like nature is unfolding some talent right out there.

The Jackson Five also recorded the famous song ‘I Want You Back’ which remains one of the best American pop singles till today. At that time, it was number 1 at Billboard Hot 100. As the band success grew, Michael became so talented and popular that he was supposed to start his own solo career. But Joe Jackson insisted that they grew together as a band.

Joe Jackson does come off as a mysterious man. After all, he was so violent with his sons yet so passionate about their success. Everybody might think that since Joe Jackson was involved with his children’s musical career to look out for them. To protect them from exploitation at the hands of music producers and managers. But the role of Joe Jackson in the lives of his children yet remains a big question mark. How did his kids make such life-affirming songs when their dad was purely evil?

Let’s not probe into this now that Joe Jackson is no longer in the world. And enjoy the beautiful music that The Jackson Five produced.

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