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Armin Van Buuren on Mental Health Struggles!

The DJ shares ups and down in his career.

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The creator of A state of Trance, Armin Van Buuren, recently opened up about his mental health struggles. While on tour to promote his new album, Balance, the Dutch talk-show Jinek, grabbed him out of his busy schedule. The iconic electronic music sensation was seen talking about the ups and downs in his musical journey.

Armin Van Buuren Opens up About the Struggles in his Musical Career

Electronic Music was once only found in garages and on the out-skirts. It’s ironic how the genre is influencing our pop culture now. The shift from underground scene to the mainstream is quite noticeable. The Armin Van Buuren we know now, is in-sync with this immense change more than ever. He shed some light on the subject:

At the beginning, dance music was counter current. In the ’80s you had all the Madonnas and Michael Jacksons of this world, and then house came and that was an anti-reaction, so we were completely averse to everything that was top 40 and things like that. But nowadays you can also see that in the top 40 there is almost no song without a dance beat behind, so it is completely reversed, you could say.

When asked if he was emotional about landing in the top 40 DJ list, Armin Van Buuren responded as such:

Yes, of course. At the end I became a top 40 DJ. I was against that in the beginning, but secretly is of course cool to have that place.

The followers of this particular genre are mostly purists and believe in the true essence of it. When legendary artists like Armin Van Buuren try to get in-tune with the commercial market, the trolls start calling-out. True musicians like Van Buuren start taking these comments quite seriously. Trying to adjust in a space where you have to keep everyone happy, can sometimes, take its toll. This is another reason why many famous celebrities struggle with their mental health and bouts of depression.

Armin Van Buuren had this to say about his mental health struggles:

Yes, I still want to please every fan. Every fan is important to me. I can’t stand it when one fan says he didn’t like it at all. Somewhere it is also good because that also triggers you to get better and there is always some truth in it.

He added:

I suffered a lot from it. In 2010, I was the number 1 in the world, but the most unhappy person on earth.

It looks like he is on-way to a less stressful life, in some aspects at least. With the addition of the new album to his profile, things are looking good for the DJ.

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