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Bojack Horseman Returning on 14th September: What the Show was Really About

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Aaron Paul tweeted that Todd will finally get his shit together and that Bojack Horseman is coming back on the 14th of September this year. Finally! It has been a long hiatus indeed. We desperately missed the nihilistic depression that Bojack so cleverly portrays.

1 Recapping Bojack Horseman

Let’s take a recap on what happened in the show for four seasons. Bojack is trying to get his shit together and each time he fails. The show is centered around the fact that he was once a big shot Hollywood celebrity when he was acting on a popular fictional show “Horsin Around”  but years after the show was finished, he has lost his popularity and fame.

Apart from sleeping around and getting drunk and high, Bojack has a passion for depression. He thinks he’s a damaged being who doesn’t deserve to be happy. The character development that we see in him is something most of us can relate to. Despite us not being in the exact same position he is, we all have been lost and confused in our lives and fallen in a tempting pit of depression. But sooner or later we had to crawl out of that dark hole slowly to come back out in the real world. Bojack tells us to how find meaning even when you don’t believe meaning in anything exists.

2 Bojack Meets Diane: His Ghostwriter and Conscious

He wants fame and fortune back, which he does after getting Dianye Nyugen to write a book about him and then getting a Golden Globe for it. Then he plays a role in the movie based on his favorite role model. We see how his relationships with the people around him affect his life so greatly. If it weren’t for Diane, he probably wouldn’t have done most of the things he has. And if it weren’t for his sidekick Todd, he wouldn’t know what friendship is actually about.

3 Other People Help Bojack Too

The people in his life constantly make him reevaluate his life and change it for the better. He is the ultimate anti-hero. He wants to be better and different than what he is but can’t drastically change his personality. It’s like after each step you take to get out of the dark hole, you are sent more obstacles your way. Especially for the new generation it rings true.

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4 We’re All Confused Just Like Bojack

The political atmosphere of the environment has never been more confusing and chaotic. The economy is going through a radical shift as machines and digitization takes over existing jobs. Nothing is certain anymore. We don’t know where to find meaning, we’re not sure the source of meaning now will stay for a long time or suddenly disappear. Everyone lives in a constant state of stress and uncertainty.

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That’s why this show is so different from the rest. It takes that ideology in and conveys it through its different characters so uniquely that you can relate to most of the scenarios, no matter how crazy they seem. Whether it be Diane’s aimless career, Todd’s aloofness and confusion about his sexual orientation or Mr Peanut Butter’s political aspirations.

The show not making sense is reflective of our society not making any sense in the moment. The show obviously exaggerates it but does so in a convincing manner. The problems each character faces is felt by us too at some point, whether it be in our love lives or professional careers. Somehow these characters figuring their way out through the messy and uncertain paths in their life may give us some hope that one day, perhaps we’ll figure our shit out too.

Let’s see what the show has for us this time after it comes back on 14th September!

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