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8Kun Launched After Texas Mass Shooting Forced 8Chan To Shut Down

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A place where you can find all sorts of far-rights, conspiracies, and darkest and dankest internet filth, 8Chan, has come back. However, there is a twist to it because it replaced its name to 8Kun. The picture board forum went offline after the Texas mass shooting in August. The shooter posted hate content prior to his crime in one of the boards, after which the website went offline.

8Chan – Or 8Kun Is Back

After the events of El Paso, Texas in August 8Chan went offline. The website’s relaunch was already hinted in a Tweet by 8Chan where it revealed its new name. The InfiniteChan Twitter account also reported that it would continue to migrate its 8Chan boards to 8Kun boards. As of now, 63 public boards have already been activated since Monday.

“It is a fantastic amount of users who attempted to access at one time,… Although I expect setbacks and attacks, it is almost to the point already where no one man, corporation or government will be able to stifle us. Until that surprising trumpet sounds, it is likely that this moment will become unstoppable.”

This was said by Jim Watkins, who owns 8Kun and 8Chan, in a YouTube video where he was highlighting the new website’s growing user traffic. A Vancouver based team, VanwaTech, will be handling 8Kun’s cybersecurity and content delivery.

However, amidst all this announcement and relaunch people have found a noticeable difference in the new website, 8Kun. “/Pol/” is the one last 8Chan board which has failed to shift to the new site: 8Kun. This is the board where the criminal put up hateful content regarding the mass shooting prior to the event. He killed 22 people and injured 24 in El Paso Walmart.

As precautionary measures, the 8Kun now warns people not to post content that is illegal in the U.S. It also states that such content would be taken down and the OP (original poster) will be banned.

Unlike 4Chan, this website is linked to hate crimes, anti-Semitism, alt-right, neo-Nazism, and white supremacism.

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