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Mariah Carey Loves Billy Eichner’s ‘Billy On The Street’

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Billy on the Street has recently come to Netflix. However, this good news is not only for us as it seems. Billy Eichner’s show has got one big fan who cannot stop watching the show. The former American Idol judge, Mariah Carey loves the show and made sure that the fans know about it.

The premise of Billy on the Street is as follows: Billy Eichner, a comedian, is given a microphone and it is his job to walk around on streets to quiz an average American joe walking near him. He makes the randomly picked person play different games like “For a Dollar” or “Quizzed in the Face”. The show first started in 2011, and the most recent season aired on TruTV in 2017.

Mariah Carey Loves Billy On The Street

In a tweet posted by a random Twitter user @srhlevi, she said:

I’ve only seen clips of billy on the street but now that it’s on Netflix I am 3 episodes in, hysterically laughing and crying by myself and I might binge this until the sun comes up @billyeichner.”

The singer of  the hit “All I Want for Christmas” quoted the tweet and replied:

“You are me”

Billy Eichner came across this Tweet and quoted it to direct to his fans. He said:

Kids, if Billy on the Street is good enough for the legend @MariahCareyit’s good enough for YOU!!!! OMG MARIAH!!!!💀🎄



The star of Billy on the Street and Mariah Carey continued this. This time, Mariah replied:

For a dollar, how many episodes have I watched in two days? A. Season 1 B. Season 2 C. Not nearly enough D. All of the above Obsessed!!! @billyeichner

Billy Eichner on Netflix

The TV show series which started in 2011 and made four seasons until now announced that it is going to move to Netflix now. In fact, the United States region already got the show on its screens since November 1, 2019. Unfortunately, no other region has this show for now. Perhaps, in the future?

You can tune into Netflix U.S to watch Billy Eichner’s Billy on the Street!

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