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Greta Thunberg, Climate Change Activist, Meets Leonardo DiCaprio

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As Greta Thunberg continues her quest to raise awareness over climate change, the journey led her to California. There she got a chance to meet Hollywood’s best-known environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio. The Oscar-winning actor described the young climate activist as the “leader of our time.”

Greta Unites with Leonardo DiCaprio

Following his first meeting with the teenage activist Greta Thunberg, Leonardo posted the following on his Instagram:

“There are few times in human history where voices are amplified at such pivotal moments and in such transformational ways – but @GretaThunberg has become a leader of our time. History will judge us for what we do today to help guarantee that future generations can enjoy the same livable planet that we have so clearly taken for granted. I hope that Greta’s message is a wake-up call to world leaders everywhere that the time for inaction is over. It is because of Greta, and young activists everywhere that I am optimistic about what the future holds. It was an honor to spend time with Greta. She and I have made a commitment to support one another, in hopes of securing a brighter future for our planet.

Just four weeks ago, the environmentalist, DiCaprio, blasted Donald Trump and other leaders at a speech in the Global Citizen Festival in New York. The star of Titanic and Wolf of Wall Street talked about how they have failed to fulfill the promises made in Paris accord. By the orders of Donald Trump, the U.S even withdrew from it in 2017. Most probably because Trump thinks that climate change is “bullshit.”

Though, DiCaprio has this response to climate change denial:

“Unless you live in an alternate reality, there’s no more time for denial. A carbon-neutral future is the only way we will inherit a planet capable of sustaining life on Earth as we know it.”

Fridays for Future Campaign

To raise awareness, Greta launched a “Fridays for Future” campaign. The campaign calls out students to strike from school one day a week. As she travels to different places, the campaign catches support and is slowly spreading.

Greta originally came to the U.S for UN Climate Action Summit in September. However, now she is touring North America while joining different climate protests on global warming and environment issues.

Global warming is a fact, ladies and gentlemen. And thanks to the environmentalist efforts such as that of Thunberg and DiCaprio, we might be able to combat it.

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