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Conan O’Brien Interviews Stephen Colbert On Colbert’s Late Show

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Stephen Colbert often likes to flip things around on Friday shows. He takes the guest’s chair and his “real guest” interviews him by sitting on his chair behind his desk. This time, Conan O’Brien played the wonderful and witty questions-and-answers game, who picked just the right topic.

Stephen Colbert Becomes A Guest Of His Show

With O’Brien behind the desk, things quickly lift off as he introduced Colbert.  He revealed a guest who applied on his show as a writer back in the early 90s and was rejected. Stephen picked up from there and told him that he was Stephen Colbert. This was after when O’Brien asked him,

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

The self-made awkwardness continued as Colbert spoke about his loneliness. He explained that being with the audience helps him calm it down. During this O’Brien told what his father thought about his show when he watched it. He said:

“You’ve taken something that should be treated and turned it into an occupation.”

The awkward topic did not start immediately. At first, there was a show of lovey chummy Colbert. Colbert talked about his marriage with his wife for 25 years now. He explained how she has kept all the letters in a box, which they wrote to each other every single day. Colbert wanted to read a few of those letters they wrote to each other on their anniversary.

He wanted to find out where the letters were stacked so he made up a lie, which by pure coincidence turned into truth by O’Brien. Colbert told his wife that O’Brien was looking for a replacement and his original story was in those letters and he wanted that.

Conan Saves The Day For Stephen

Luckily for him, Conan announced that he was looking for replacements which came as amazement for Colbert himself. O’Brien made the story interesting by saying he did that so Colbert could not tell a lie to his wife.

However, Conan kept touching the awkward topic by giving off witty baits to Colbert to join Team Coco by saying things like,

“You’ll get a gig – Network’s easy.”

Two swell guys having a fun time with each other on one of America’s greatest late-night shows.

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