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Olivia Wilde Pointing Out Booksmart’s Censorship Gets a Response From Delta Airlines

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Concerns were raised regarding Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart when it was discovered that Delta Airlines has censored the movie. Olivia herself was among those who rose and called out Delta. She asked to explain the media censorship of her movie.

Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart Censored

According to recent tweets by the director herself, Delta Airlines have been playing a censored version of Booksmart on their flights. They removed scenes containing an intimate scene between two lesbian characters: Kaitlyn Dever’s Amy and Diana Silver’s Hope. The movie also did not contain certain words and scenes pertaining to LGBT. However, the censorship company did not leave out curse words in the movie. This made the actress-director question the motive behind censorship. Here is what she said:

I finally had the chance to watch an edited version of Booksmart on a flight to see exactly what had been censored. Turns out some airlines work with a third party company that edits the movie based on what they deem inappropriate. Which, in our case, is … female sexuality?


Olivia also pointed out how the company left out curse words:

By the way, they didn’t cut ANY cursing. Every “fuck” is heard loud and clear, sometimes in the same scene where they muted “vagina.” . They showed George (elegantly) deep-throating a microphone but couldn’t stomach a consensual love scene between two women.


Much of the backlash was directed towards Delta after the news of censorship broke the internet. Olivia Wilde urged all airlines to stop working with companies that tend to censor such scenes and words from the movie while leaving out other more explicit words, like curse words.

I urge every airline, especially those who pride themselves on inclusivity, to stop working with this third party company, and trust the parental advisory warning to allow viewers to opt out if they choose.

Delta Airline Responds

In an interview with Variety, Delta Airline spokesperson talked about the backlash from Oliva Wilde and commented:

“We are immediately putting a new process in place for managing content available through Delta’s in-flight entertainment. We selected the edited version and now realize content well within our guidelines was unnecessarily excluded from both films.”

Furthermore, the spokesperson assured that the company is working to make sure that such events do not occur again.

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