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Indya Moore from ‘Pose’ Shuts Down A Twitter Transphobe

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Star of “Pose”, Indya Moore, recently shut down a Twitter transphobe for trolling another transgender. Moore themself is a part of the trans community and have declared themselves as Non-Binary. Hence, they have defended the trans community and LGBT in general on numerous different occasions.

Indya Moore Lectures Transphobe

On social media, Twitter user “Maybach_Mousey” posted a collage of a trans person who recently went through a gender-affirmation surgery. The user went on to warn his followers to “be careful out here”. Presently, the user deleted the original Tweet. However, people saw what he tweeted and comments from the main star of “Pose” are still present underneath it. Indya Moore replied with:

be careful of trans women? ya so damn scared all the time of harmless people who also deserve to be loved. if you don’t like move! if you like holla. either way respecting people dont take nothing from u. We need to be careful of y’all. Ya the ones murdering us. tf.

She continued in another tweet with:

we really don’t want y’all attracted to us. because when you attracted to us you murder us. We just want to live and be left alone. Also how hard was u digging to get these photos of sis? who’s profile u was stalking and for how long? or are you so obsessed you just got fake pics

Star of “Pose” Lashes Out Against LGBT Hate Crime

Moore’s reference to “you murder us” comes from the increasing rate of LGBT hate crimes, especially colored transgender murders. People have yet to see stricter hate crime laws in the States. Indya will carry on their protest against such a distressful situation. As a protest, Indya’s Twitter name is “Protect Trans People”.

Local authorities in the US do not have to report murders to federal databases. Moreover, authorities often misquote transgenders’ sex as seen in the case of Marlowe. Therefore, it can be considered that the real figures of deaths may very well be unreported.

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