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Terry Crews Receives Support Against 50 Cents Lewd Comments

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Renowned American actor Terry Crews has been recently attacked by rapper 50 Cent. But people are taking sides here, and Terry Crews is definitely winning. Ever since the star came out with his sexual assault claims, 50 Cent mocked him for doing so. 50 cents is certainly not going to get away with this and rightfully so.

1 Terry Crews Opens Up About His Experience

Back in October, Terry Crews launched the accusation that a Hollywood executive groped him at an industry event. Following his claims, the actor appeared in front of a judiciary committee. During this very session, Terry Crews encouraged men to speak more on sexual assault. Especially when they are the very victims. Crews also stressed on the stigma that survivors of sexual assault face in American society, especially men. Right on cue, 50 Cent reacted to it. He went online to share pictures of Crews on Instagram in which he was topless. The pictures read, “I got raped, my wife just watched”. In another photo, Terry Crews had a rose in his mouth, and it read, “Gym time”.

2 50 Cent’s Crude Response

When sharing these pictures on social media, 50 Cent expressed,

LOL,What the f*** is going on out here man?

Even though the rapper soon deleted his posts, people are still not ready to forgive. Well, obviously, who supports the insensitive man who discourages people from reporting harassment?

3 Twitter Did Not Appreciate 50 Cent’s Response

Twitter went into flames right afterward. And surely 50 Cents must be regretting his existence!

Social media users came on pretty harsh with 50 Cent expressing their disgust for the famous rapper. Not saying that he doesn’t deserve it, but such an overwhelming number of hate tweets can surely make anybody change!

Many people even expressed how 50 Cent is pure trash, and nothing even close to Terry Crews.


The world is utterly shocked at 50 Cent’s behavior. And they are all set to believe that it’s because of people like him that victims of assault do not speak up. He’s exactly why men are forced to keep their emotions bottled up. Yes, due to patriarchy reining over our earth for centuries women have been the victims of sexual assault and injustice, but that does not mean that men are completely safe from this despicable crime. Any person can be a victim, and any person can be an assaulter. Both roles have no special requirements. What should be the requirement is the fact that the victim is never afraid to share their story with the world and seek justice for the wrongs done on them.

4 Celebrities Dissapprove of Toxic Masculinity

It’s not just us, but even other celebrities sharing their disbelief in what they witnessed. Actress Kelechi Okafor thinks that all 50 Cent has done here is spread toxic masculinity. She tweeted,

Toxic masculinity is what is doing @50cent instead of showing support to @terrycrews he is mocking him. Childish.

Hopefully, this will teach 50 Cent a valuable lesson. That it’s never funny when it comes to assault.  Toxic masculinity doesn’t just harm women but also men, of any discipline and every age.

The #MeToo movement should be more inclusive about male victims of sexual assault as well. The main problem we face is sexual assault, not only the particular gender facing that issue.

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