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BoJack Horseman Season 6 Shows Him on a Path of Redemption

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Netflix has released Bojack Horseman season 6’s first part. A lot happened but the most important part was that the main character BoJack (Will Arnett), seems to be on a path of redemption, as predicted. After initially resisting rehab, he finally accepts the help he realizes he can’t live without. Raphael Bob-Waksberg combines drama with humor in a seamless manner yet again as we see Bojack Horseman trying a different path.

Source of His Addiction

Throughout the season, we see Bojack trying to get to the root of the problem: why he got addicted in the first place. It obviously had to do with a lack of parental attention and love. There’s a meek little BoJack yearning for some approval by his parents. But he never gets it. Instead, all he gets is ridicule and mocking.


What’s interesting to see is that for the longest time, he always resisted drinking. During his childhood, his teenage years and even his early years at Horsin’ Around.

The turning point for Bojack may have been when he finally gives in to what his parents thought of him. His dad always thought of him as worthless and a burden. Initially, he did not understand what he did wrong but since he keeps hearing it, it becomes a fact for him.

When Bojack Horseman Chose Seflishness In Exchange for Friendship

When he gets a chance to prove his identity at Horsin Around, he takes it. He thinks he’s doing the right thing by saving the show and removing Herb Kazzaz from Horsin’ Around.  Sacrificing friendship with Kazzaz to get the fame he desperately wanted at that time did not end very well. He ends up committing selfish acts and the guilt keeps piling up. He copes with the guilt by becoming an alcoholic and drug addict. Even when he tries to do the right thing, it somehow ends up going wrong. When he asked Kazzaz for forgiveness on his deathbed, he didn’t get it even when his words were sincere.

So, despite him being surrounded by friends that care about him, Bojack still chooses to be selfish and push them away.

Drugs And Alcohol Is The Only Coping Mechanism He Knows

After that, Bojack indulged further in substance abuse and his actions started to negatively affect those around him. Slowly, the Bojack cycle of pity and self-hatred lead to his old co-star Sarah Lynn overdosing and dying. Not only this but it also leads to him almost strangling his new co-star Gina on the set of Philbert.


The latest incident finally makes Bojack understand that he can’t keep indulging in this vicious cycle of destruction. This behavior also help push away all his friends.

That’s probably why he stayed at the rehab center for six whole months and did not want to leave even when the Therapy Horse gave him the go-ahead.

Redemption | It’s Isn’t Easy

However, Bojack takes the leap and tries to right his wrongs. The first test he’s given is taking care of his therapist when he accidentally gets drunk which is only partially Bojack’s fault. He also tries to keep a rebel teen girl safe when she acts out and escapes from the rehab center.

Then he owns up to his mistakes and calls up everyone in his life who were the most affected by his actions. That leads to an awkward yet sincere apology to Princess Carolyn, reconnecting with Todd and giving Diane his blessing to go to Chicago and giving Mr. Peanutbutter the crossover episode the latter wanted all his life.

Throughout the episodes of Bojack Horseman season 6, Bojack makes increasingly conscious decisions on figuring out more about himself.

Slowly, he learns to take responsibility. Not every misdeed he did could be because of the alcohol or drugs. Some things went purposefully wrong because Bojack intentionally made that decision, out of pure selfishness. He knows it and he must admit it without blaming it on his upbringing or genetic coding.

The painful truth each one of us has to deal with is what Todd told Bojack, ‘You are everything that is wrong with you’.


Bojack finally understands it and accepts it. And he knows he has to try to atone for his horrifying past full of regrettable decisions.

Let’s hope that he gets the redemption he is working so hard for in the 2nd part of season 6.

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