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Angelina Jolie Seen Shopping with Her Kids in Spain

Angelina Jolie seen shopping wit her kids.

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The star of Maleficent and ex-wife to Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie was spotted shopping in Spain recently. It looks like she is planning on a long stay there as she was seen stocking up from the local grocery and discount stores. The divorce doesn’t seem to be weakening her spirits despite some drama in recent years. She has already started working on the Eternals, for the next phase of MCU.

Angelina Jolie & Kids After the Divorce

Jolie has been busy traveling around the world. The kids she shares with Brad Pitt, accompany here almost everywhere. Angelina and her brood looked to be in good spirits as they landed in Spain to work on the Marvel movie. Noticeable names like Kumail Nanjiani is also working alongside Angelina Jolie on the project.

She has been quite open about her feeling post-divorce:

The last few years have not been the easiest. I have had my ups and downs. I haven’t felt very strong.

Angelina Jolie continued:

We’ve all been a bit in lock-down. ‘We all have our difficult times. I didn’t work, the kids needed me at home… my strength is from my children.

Angelina Jolie added:

Anyone who is a parent knows there is a strength within you that grows when you just have to survive anything to be strong enough for them and you have to pull them through anything.

The current project will certainly help her sail through the hard times. She seems quite excited and happy about her future too:

I’m so excited to be here! I think what it means to be a part of the MCU, what it means to be an Eternal, what it means to be in this family.

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