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Will Arnett Is Going to Host a New Lego Show, ‘Lego Masters’

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Recently, it was announced that Arrested Development star Will Arnett is going to host a new show. The show is going to be an unscripted competition show and it involves legos!

The fact that Will Arnett was chosen for this project doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, he did voice the famous Lego batman in the Lego movies including The Lego Batman Movie.

So, What is the Lego Show Starring Will Arnett Going to be About?

The show is called Lego Masters. It is going to be a reality-competition show which is based on a British TV show of the same name. There are going to be competitors that are going to showcase their lego building skills. Yes, it’s a show where you use your childhood skills of lego building to exert your dominance over others. Okay, it’s not as extreme but it is just as fun!

Will Arnett is going to be the host as well as one of the judges in this fiercely competitive game. In fact, Lego masters are going to contain interesting challenges that would put your Lego skills to the test.

The President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials at the Fox Entertainment spoke about Lego Masters and Will Arnett as host:

“This show is an hour of fun for the whole family and Will [Arnett] is the ideal host. He’s already a member of the Lego family and his passion for this show is infectious. He’s also a great collaborator and, let’s be honest, he’s hilarious – which makes him perfect for this competition.”

It may seem like just a kid show but building anything from Legos takes hard work dammnit. Even though it’s aimed at kids, many adults love to play around with Legos. Plus, thanks to capitalism doing its magic, there are whole movie franchises in Hollywood based on just this Legos.

Sure, they were using it to promote their many lego products. But, we have got to admit Will Arnett being in any show is entertaining. Even if it’s just his voice on a Lego batman or the animated series BoJack Horseman.

When Does Lego Masters Premiere?

The show is going to arrive at the Fox network next year on February 5th. The time slot would be 9 PM.

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