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Former Transformers Star Shia LaBeouf Shares Dark Side of Disney Stardom

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The former Transformers movie star, Shia LaBeouf has made the headlines several times in the past. Most of those headlines were of public outbursts without reasoning. Now, as his autobiographical film Honey Boy is released, LaBeouf spoke about what made him the way he was.

Shia LaBeouf Says It Started From Disney Days

While speaking to a podcast “The Hollywood Reporter’s Award Chatter“, LaBeouf explains that it all began during his days doing Disney show Even Stevens. He says that perhaps if he had more money, his parents would never have split up. He credits his working routine to minimizing drama in his life. However, Disney was known for never assuring if their shows would be renewed. Disney, especially, made its shows, not more than three seasons to keep paychecks under control.

Fortunately, Shia LaBeouf had other projects to handle when Even Stevens ended after the third season, like the movie Holes. He met Jon Voigt there and soon formed a strong bond with him. The Transformers star admits that was a bond that lacked with his father.

After Holes, LaBeouf and Voigt worked together in Transformers. Moreover, apart from Even Stevens and the aforementioned movies, LaBeouf says how he was offered roles in Social Network, 127 Hours, and even Bourne Identity.

Even Stevens Star Was Jailed

During this, his addiction to alcoholism began to increase which was, in fact, his coping mechanism for PTSD that he developed during childhood. He was also jailed, which he says was due to stuff that was blown completely out of context. Shia LaBeouf went to rehab for six months as a sentence, after which he resumed his career.

The former Disney-and-Transformer star recalls that things became different after he ended his rehab. He remembers how people on set would avoid him and would not want him there. Beginning to think of him as racist, he admits that he could not look at people’s faces.

“I’m feeling like people on set think I’m a racist, no, believe I’m a racist and I’m feeling all of that and don’t want to be alive. And I’m on this set, can’t look anybody in the eyes and the only person I feel like is giving me any kind of connection non judgmentally is coming from Zack.”

Here he is referring to Zack Gottsagen, a co-star from the movie The Peanut Butter Falcon.

Realizing that he has hit rock bottom, Shia LaBeouf completely dropped alcohol after his arrest. Then, he sought help from professionals who revealed to him that he had PTSD. He began doing exposure therapy, which helped him process the trauma during his Disney shows time. Even Stevens was where it all began, Shia tells.

Honey Boy is currently released on selected cinemas, but you can watch full episodes of Even Stevens online.

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