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HBO Max: HBO Shows To Receive Their Own Streaming Service

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Streaming wars is about to start as one more competition enters the market. AT&T recently announced its streaming service called HBO Max. Seen to be its reply to Netflix and Disney+, HBO Max is said to be different from HBO Now and HBO Go.

Features of Warner Media’s HBO Max

First of all, pricing. HBO Max starts at $15 a month. Unlike Netflix and other streaming service providers, which use algorithms to display TV shows of interest, HBO Max will use a different feature. They like to call it “Recommended by Humans”. Celebrities promoting HBO Max will list up their recommended TV Shows or movies that can be viewed from their profile.

Next, HBO shows will get “highlights” in this streaming service. This means that watching a specific episode will now become easier. Instead of scrolling through episodes and seasons trying to find that one cameo/crossover/whatever episode, the new streaming service will highlight it for you.

Just like Netflix, HBO Max will also offer a shared viewing experience to separate recommendations. This means that one viewer profile’s recommendations will not display in other viewer’s profile.

The new streaming service will also offer podcasts based on their tv shows. An example was given for TV series Chernobyl. We do not know if tv shows like Barry or Westworld would also be moving there. However, in case they do, will we get their podcasts as well?

Netflix initially set standards for how streaming services should look like. Disney+ and Apple TV+ followed the trend and made their interfaces. Conversely, HBO Max will focus on providing a clean look to its users.

TV Shows That Would Shift

Warner Media or HBO is home to thousands of movies and TV shows. Some of the HBO shows even come with their fanbase, like Game of Thrones, Barry, and Westworld. The catalog includes shows from Looney Tunes, DC Extended Universe, Cartoon Network Library, Adult Swim and Sesame Workshop. Moreover, Studio Ghibli also made a deal with Warner Media to feature its films and shows on the streaming service.  CNN Original Series and TNT have also joined hands with HBO Max.

If you are still confused then let us summarize the shows that you might get to see. Rick and Morty, Green Lantern, South Park, Looney Tunes, Conan O’Brien, and Mindy Kaling’s College Girls.

HBO Max will launch in May 2020.

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