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Trisha Paytas Wants Jason Nash & Tana Mongeau On Her Podcast

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Well, Trisha Paytas is getting married in a couple of days. She is moving to a new house in a week. And she just started her own podcast. Yes, Trisha Paytas podcast is called “The Dish With Trish”. In fact, the first episode of the podcast is already officially released. You can check out the complete episode on iTunes. If you have been following Trisha Paytas, you know she and Tana Mongeau have the same manager: Jordan. He, in fact, co-hosted the first episode of Trisha Paytas podcast with her. Both were just chatting with each other as episode 1 was just about them and the latest tea. Trisha Paytas, like always, discussed Jason Nash on her podcast. She even confirmed she wants Jason Nash and Tana Mongeau on her podcast.

Trisha Paytas Wants To Spill Some Tea With Jason Nash & Tana Mongeau

Trisha Paytas is not over her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash. She, in fact, confessed it on her podcast episode 1 that she never gets over her past relationships. Trisha was sharing all the details with Jordan, her manager when she confirmed that she still gets jealous whenever any of her ex-boyfriends get engaged or married. Even though she is getting married (as claimed by her), Trisha Paytas wants Jason Nash and Tana Mongeau on her podcast.

Well, she did not mention whether she would have them both on her podcast at the same time. However, she asked Jordan to arrange Tana Mongeau for her podcast. And being Tana’s manager himself, Jordan said she might agree to come. However, they were not sure about Jason Nash though. And we agree with them. Personally, I do not think Jason will agree to join Trisha Paytas. But if that happens, that podcast will hit a million viewers within an hour. Trisha also believes that Jason Nash will appear for her podcast if she pays him $100.

Jason is like, literally one step away from getting a restraining order on me. I don’t think he’ll be a guest. I think all we have to do is pay him a $100. He’s a cheap guy, he needs money. So, I think he does anything for $100.

They Have A History

Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash broke up because of Tana Mongeau. Kind of. However, she had nothing to do with the breakup directly. In fact, David Dobrik and the Vlog squad had a running joke that Jason Nash should have a threesome with Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongeau. But both Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongeau did not like the idea.

Trisha Paytas, in fact, wants Tana Mongeau on her show because she likes her. However, we all can imagine Jason Nash will be the hot topic if Tana agrees to come as a guest on Trisha Paytas podcast, Dish with Trish.

The Dish with Trish Podcast

Trisha Paytas can talk, she can really talk. That is why she is starting her own podcast The Dish with Trish. Trisha claims there are many podcasts, including H3 podcast, which are boring. Therefore, she wants to have some fun and create something interesting for her audience.

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