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Wil Wheaton Gives Advice to His 15-Year-Old Self

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Who wouldn’t want to go back in time and change all the wrong decisions one made. We’re pretty sure everyone agrees and if you don’t, well then, take a back seat, it’s regretting decisions hour. However, we’re not alone in regretting certain decisions and wanting to change them. Wil Wheaton, the star of the show Star Trek, thinks so too. He’s even though of advice he’d give his 15-Year-old self.

Wil Wheaton Gives a Major Throwback

In a recent post on his Instagram, the actor posted a very old picture of himself. Wil Wheaton is 15 in the picture and has made many decisions the current Wil doesn’t approve of.

The caption starts off with his relationships with his parents were like:

#tbt fifteen year-old me, who was trying so hard to be mature and grown up.

I feel so sad for this kid. I know how hard it is for him at home. I know how much he’s being bullied by his father, and how controlling and manipulative his mother is. I know that he’s profoundly lonely, sad, anxious, and afraid of everything. I know how much he is hurting, how he is constantly in pain, and how he can’t escape it.

Then he explains what his younger self used to do to cope with the loneliness and lack of love:

He tries. He looks for escape and comfort in books, in RPGs, in computer games. It is a miracle that he doesn’t self-medicate with alcohol or drugs (that will come much later in his life, but he’ll get sober and be okay). Hormonally, he wants to hook up with all the girls, but emotionally and existentially, he desperately wants and needs to feel loved and valued for who he is, not for what he does as a mildly-famous teen magazine commodity.

He Continues to Write About His Pain

The actor expresses the pain he felt when he was 15. Moreover, it shows how much Wheaton wanted his parents’ approval, something we can all relate to:

He is hurting so much, and he is trying so hard to make the hurting stop. He thinks that if he’s just famous enough or does enough photoshoots and teen magazine interviews (which he HATES) then his father will finally love and respect him, and his mother will finally stop obsessing about game and attention, and start being a mom to him.

The advice ends with him affirming that when he would be old enough, he would know that all the pain he felt was not his fault. Though, at the time, he still found those relationships with his parents important.

Despite the difficult time in his teen years, Wheaton still managed to have a successful career. He starred in the hit series Star Trek: The Next Generation as Wesley Crusher. Later on, he acted in The Big Bang Theory, Eureka, The Guild, and Leverage.

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