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Gambling & Poker Movies | Must Watch For Casino Lovers

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As people say, when life gives you lemons; make lemonade. Similarly, when life gives you free time to watch a movie, you better watch one of the best gambling movies out there on the internet. You can either watch these gambling movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other streaming network. Now, the question is, why you should watch it? The answer, in fact, is very simple. If you cannot cook, you still watch cooking shows because they are interesting to watch. And because they take you closest to your cooking fantasies. Therefore, when you cannot go to the casino, and your inner poker lover wants to gamble; you fulfill your fantasies by watching gambling movies. Here are some of the best gambling movies. You can watch these as the “best online casino gambling option” to itch that scratch. (Or just watch these because the stories are awesome).

The Gambler | Best Gambling Movies

When we say The Gambler, we are not talking about the 2014 remake version starring Mark Wahlberg. As a matter of fact, we are talking about the original The Gambler movie which was released in 1974. The movie revolves around the life of a literature professor Axel Freed (played by James Caan). Freed is, in fact, a gambling addict who plunges into self-destruction. The Gambler highlights the cons of gambling addiction. Therefore, many poker and casino lovers can relate to it.

Casino | Robert De Niro’s 1995 Classic

Robert De Niro’s Casino is a 1995 classic movie based on gambling, and of course, casino. Basically, it is a Vegas-focused story that highlights the amazing story of a mob-controlled casino. De Niro plays the role of the casino owner who has ties with the mafia. In fact, Sharon Stone also plays an interesting role in the movie which should better be witnessed directly by watching this classic. The movie has an 8.2 rating on IMDB with 423,854 votes. (Wow).

Casino Royale | James Bond & The Gambling Movies

One cannot simply make a list of best gambling movies and forget about the James Bond ones. The 2006 version of Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig as James Bond and Eva Green as Vesper Lynd, is the best gambling treat on screens you will ever have.

Casino Royale’s story revolves around James Bond and his mission involving a private banker to terrorists. How doe she do that? True James Bond style: trying to beat the person in gambling games. Precisely; poker. Watch some amazing poker moves as Bond tries to prevent the private banker from winning.

21 | Best Casino Movie

Though the name sounds like a teenager movie. However, it is actually a fact-based movie where the story revolves around 6 MIT students. These students are not-your-regular ones. They are specially trained to become masters in card counting and then take over the Vegas casinos for winnings. The movie, in fact, is based on a time before the launch of the best online casino gambling. Now, there is a number of best gambling sites available for poker lovers. However, back in the old days; people did not have internet and hence; no chance of trying their luck of online slots on casino sites and gambling sites.

The movie showcases betrayal, trickery and unbelievable wins at casino gambling and blackjack. And all of this is a true story. Like seriously, go watch it. It will be like winning a casino bonus.

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