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Terminator’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dishes on Son-in-Law Chris Pratt

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In a TV show interview, Arnold Schwarzeneggar spoke at length about his son-in-law Christ Pratt. Chris married Katherine Schwarzeneggar in June 2019. It is only now that we got to hear of him from his father-in-law, the infamous Terminator.

The Terminator on Chris Pratt

The interview was held with James Kimmel or Jimmy Kimmel on his show. The conversation began with Jimmy congratulating Arnold over his daughter’s marriage with Chris Pratt. The Terminator actor then began describing Chris Pratt as a person, and how he felt about him. He said:

“The thing is that, first of all, I’m really happy that he is such a great guy. But not only very talented guy and a great actor and a great star in all its self, but a really kind man and kind to my daughter. Which is a very important thing for me.

Though, the actor did state that he was surprised at hearing the news since Pratt is such a huge star. After appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy movie and making his Avengers debut, the actor definitely became a global sensation. Schwarzenegger did admit that it made him a bit competitive since the actor himself was as internationally popular as well:

But you know, I was, like, blown away when my daughter was telling me that she was going out with him. Because then you have to be so competitive. I mean why did you have to have a guy that is taller than me, that is bigger than me, that is doing bigger movies than me. And all of this kind of stuff that makes more money than me, and…. What is going on in here?”

Arnold admits that one of the deciding factors that convinced him over wedding his daughter to him was over his gym workout. He says that the first time they met, Chris asked Arnold whether they could have a workout together. He continued with:

“He’s a very strong guy, there is no two ways about it. I’m very proud of him.”

Bravo Chris! You successfully managed to please Katherine Schwarzeneggar’s dad!

More Arnold on Sylvester Stallone

Arnold Schwarzeneggar also admitted to having tricked Sylvester into doing a movie that was really bad. He talks about how this movie script came to him and he outright said no to it. Back then Sylvester and Arnold had a Hollywood competition over who was doing better and had better films. Hence, Arnold tricked Sylvester into taking that bad movie which, upon release, failed the box office terribly.

You can watch Terminator: Dark Fate, which is out now since Oct 20, 2019.

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