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Most Popular Myths About Gambling Hollywood Won’t Let Go Of

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Hollywood has allowed us to get an insight into many different worlds. Sometimes they are fantastical like the wizarding world of Hogwarts or bring comic books to life such as in Marvel and DC. But one thing Hollywood has popularized is the world of gambling and poker. In fact, at times the industry has even given us poker movies that can be deemed the best gambling movies of all time. Though, even if the storyline and cinematography are near perfect, the accuracy isn’t. There are a lot of things that Hollywood does get wrong.

Here are all the myths you probably believe about the interesting world of poker and gambling. If you plan on becoming a poker expert and getting some real money out of it, this will be helpful.

Simultaneously Calling and Raising

At one point uttered the words a movie character has uttered ‘I call you, and I raise you some more’. Though, this is against the rules. In a real tournament, if you end up saying it, everyone else will just kick you out. Don’t do it, even if James Bond looks cool doing it.

Betting More Than Others in Gambling

We’ve seen this scene so much: the movie’s main lead wants to put pressure on the other players that he ends up betting more everyone else. While the scene is a great plot to increase the tension, you won’t be allowed to do it in a real game. Yes, there are different types of poker games with their own limits but even in no-limit poker, you can’t bet more than the player after you. Perhaps, this can work in shady online casino sites that have their version of poker. But it doesn’t in legitimate tournaments.

People Aren’t That Easy To Read In Poker

Do you remember the movie 1998 Rounders starring Matt Damon? Damon’s character could easily tell if a particular player had a good hand or not based on observation alone. In reality, people playing poker don’t have that obvious tells. They are really subtle and only experienced players with acute observational skills can pick up on them. And even then, you need to learn the rules of poker and different strategies to win. Of course, you must have luck on your side as well.

Only the Upper Class Does Gambling

One might assume that this kind of game is only reserved for the upper rich class. But in reality, anyone can partake in this game. In fact, there are so many gambling websites that are known to provide the best online casino gambling experience. Ever since the online casino options popped up, people from all around the world can play the game. It’s not only exclusive to the upper tier class anymore.  Even generally, a lot of the poker rooms and casino rooms are available for the general public.

Slow rolling Is Common in Poker Games

Have you watched the infamous Mel Gibson’s movie Maverick? In it, Gibson’s character does a slow-rolling trick. It’s when he realizes that he has the best hand yet he still takes plenty of time so that other players can be teased a bit. While it’s cinematically an interesting scene, it’s frowned upon amongst the poker player community.

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