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Chrissy Teigen Supports Miley Cyrus Amidst Her IG Scandal With Cody Simpson

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A couple of weeks ago, eyebrows were raised during Miley Cyrus’s IG Live with her boyfriend Cody Simpson. She said things at a wrong time and manner regarding Liam Hemsworth. Fans and media picked up on this. Most of it was because Miley seemed to contradict what she said about how she lives. However, it seems like Chrissy Teigen roots for the couple as she went on her Twitter rant.

Chrissy Teigen Sides With Miley

We all know when Miley Cyrus married Liam Hemsworth. Unfortunately, it did not last long as Miley divorced and got with Kaitlynn Carter, which made LGBTQ youth happy. Now she is with Cody Simpson and claims to be happier than ever. Miley threw shade at Liam, implying that you don’t have to be gay if you can’t find a good guy, which naturally backfired. However, John legend’s wife, Chrissy stepped up for her.

On one fine Tuesday, Chrissy decided to rant on Twitter. At first, she started with addressing some despicable claims about her and husband John Legend. Some people claim that Chrissy’s couple is a pedophile and lure children. This is how her Tweets start:

She then adds the following:

Chrissy Teigen then signs off with this Tweet that gets our attention:

Updates on Miley and Cody Simpson

After her IG Live incident with her boyfriend Cody, Miley shared the following tweet:

“I was talking shit about sucky guys but let me be clear, YOU don’t CHOOSE your sexuality. You are born as you are. It has always been my priority to protect the LGBTQ community I am a part of…”

Miley Cyrus may have cleared her stance regarding what she said while speaking about Liam Hemsworth. However, is this over or will the media pounce on her one more time over this? This time Chrissy showed her support, will someone else come next? Only time will tell.

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