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Trump Welcomed by ‘Lock Him Up’ Chants At MLB World Series

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Another day passes by and Donald Trump is still a hugely controversial figure as he was before becoming president. Whatever the haters, or in some cases the fans, feel about Trump is something that they shout loudly. That is indeed what happened at the MLB World Series event last night. A huge crowd flood the stadium with ‘Lock him up’ chants targeted at Donald Trump himself.

Impeachment Inquiry on Trump Still Taking Place While The President Announces Joyous News

The game was taking place in Washington, DC. The city’s populace is politically more towards the liberal side so the Trump-hating chants are not too surprising. Currently, the POTUS (President of the United States) is dealing with an impeachment inquiry. Ties to the Russian state is pushing Trump into deep waters. Though, the same day as the MLB World Series game, POTUS announced that the ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed by the USA. The ISIS leader dying isn’t bad news but it’s hard to give Trump credit for anything given his racial and misogynistic views and policies.

‘Lock Him Up’ Chants Flood the MLB World Series Game

POTUS and Melania Trump were in a suite behind the home place of the National Park. The president was surrounded by Republican members of Congress such as Matt Gaetz, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Reps. Steve Scalise. When the big screen was paying a tribute to the veterans, this ensemble was also shown. The moment they were seen, everyone started shouting ‘Lock Him Up’. This is the same line Trump himself has used when he wanted to marginalize minority groups in the USA such as the undocumented Mexicans and Muslims.

‘Lock Him Up’ Hashtag Starts Trending On Twitter

Many people took this opportunity to get a new Trump hashtag starting on Twitter. Many Trump haters voiced out their pain against the Potus and his new policies.




Some Defended Trump

Of course, fans of Trump were shaming this act at the MLB World series. Some were stating that even if you do not agree with the actions, policies, and words of Potus, you can still give that person respect because their position states so.

An interesting thing was that even one Trump critic, Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware sided with the president’s supporters on this one:

I’m enough of a sort of traditionalist about our institutions that even at a time when there is a lot that our President does that I find disturbing, offensive, unconventional, I have a hard time with the idea of a crowd on a globally televised sporting event chanting ‘lock him up’ about our President. I frankly think the office of the President deserves respect, even when the actions of our President at times don’t.
What are your thoughts on the issue?
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