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Cardi B Asking us to Not Invade Her Privacy

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In the world where everyone knows everything about their favorite celebrities. It would be rather surprising that one major celebrity managed to keep her entire marriage secret from her fans for an entire month but it appears to be what happened.

In a tweet, Cardi B explains why she hid this from the world:

She explains in the tweet that she hid her sweet simple marriage from the world because she wanted to keep her private matters private. She didn’t want to show off that special moment in her life because it was close to her heart. Earlier in May, she announced to the world that she was having a baby girl with her then fiancé Offset. But since people started being too intrusive in her life and judging her for life choices, we’re guessing that she had had enough.

1 Cardi B Makes Us Evaluate Our Society

Cardi B showed this tweet to the world, in a way that really makes us think as a society. Why are we so concerned about each detail of the celebrities we know today? Why is it that we can’t just let them live their lives normally? A few decades ago, knowing everything about your favorite performer might have been considered too obsessive. Society today is just obsessed with finding out information as soon as possible, information that doesn’t really concern us. It’s not as if our lives have changed for the better knowing that these two people have been married.

Some celebrities are fine and even eager to showcase each of their personal victory or moment with the world but some like Cardi B aren’t. She wants to keep some moments to herself and cherish them. She didn’t want to show off her love, she wanted to treat it with respect and love. Maybe we should try learning to respect that decision and not invade her privacy.

2 Invasion of Privacy Album

Keeping up with that theme, she dropped an album called “Invasion of Privacy” which highlights these issues in the world of today. There are probably some verses that will make us see a different perspective. By the end of the day, celebrities are just people. They have some perks like a glamorous and comfortable lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have emotions and moments like us regular people. Why do we have to take that right away from them? What gives us the right?

Celebrities do share most of their personal lives with us, by their own choice. But they still want to keep some matters to themselves. We should learn to respect that and not invade their privacy.

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