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Celebrities React To Trump’s Comment On Red Hen

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Everybody seems to have a lot to say after the whole Red Hen incident came up this week. In fact, the President of America himself had to involve himself here! Recently, a small restaurant in Lexington ‘Red Hen’ refused service to President Trump’s press secretary. Sarah Huckabee was there with family,and upon her arrival, the waiters got uncomfortable. When the restaurant owner was called, they mutually decided to not entertain Sarah Huckabee at Red Hen. Trump’s secretary was approached by the owner who expressed,

I’d like to ask you to leave.

Sarah Huckabee did leave, but well, the drama that this created later is still up for the world to see. So many waiters at the restaurant were gay, and nobody in that entire town supported President Trump. Since his press secretary proudly defended his cruelest policies, Red Hen management just did not sacrifice their morals for business.

Obviously, President Trump is too petty to keep up with. He quickly abandoned all his important duties of trying to be  a . Trump went onto Twitter to defend Sarah Huckabee, and criticize the restaurant that the secretary thought was fine to dine at. Only until she was thrown out!

Not sure if Trump was settling stuff for himself and his secretary, or just messing it up more. Popular celebrities like John Legend, Ricky Gervais, and John Pavlovitz were quick to react. Basically, everyone from musicians to comedians is sick of Trump and his tweets.

John Legend, who is American singer, composer, and actor reacted to Trump’s tweet giving him a solution for all this. And all other possible circumstances that might arise at any other restaurant. Legend tweeted saying,

Let’s make a deal with the Trump Administration. Reunite all these families immediately and you can go out to eat wherever the fuck you want.

Ricky Gervais, well-know stand-up comedian who very often rules the twitter does not even have any jokes on Trump anymore. The man just keeps getting ridiculous every day! Gervais tweeted just this:

John Pavlovitz who is an American author just pointed out the hypocrisy in Trump policies and reactions. Probably just the right time for Trump to realize that everything won’t work his way. Pavlovitz made a remarkable tweet that read:

If you don’t want to force homophobic bakers to make a cake for a same sex couple- you don’t get to be upset when a restaurant doesn’t want to serve someone who weekly lies for a living in ways that jeopardize millions of people.

If only Sarah Huckabee could see some sense now. But we don’t see that happening anytime soon. What does Trump and Sarah Huckabee even expect? That they can ruin lives, make people unhappy to the core and still make them serve you? Well nope, not everyone is as low on standards as the Trump government. The fact that President Trump even managed to become President says a lot about the broken system of democracy today.

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