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Dr. Phil Helps Diplo Face Reality and Find His Truth

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The pair went on a piece of news together once before and now they are back again. However, this time the news is as satisfying as it could get. Dr. Phil helped Diplo, a very famous DJ and also model, face the truth. Dr. Phil McGraw, or just Dr. Phil, made him face his reality so he could be better than he was yesterday!

Diplo Feels Relieved Now That Dr. Phil Has Cured Him

In an amazing turn of events, Diplo thought he needed to seek a medical specialist for what was going on in his head. He found it best to seek the services of Dr. Phil, who is perhaps the best at what he does. Diplo recently posted a picture of him with Dr. Phil on his Instagram and here is what he had to say:

“I’m eternally grateful to dr. Phil who I started seeing last month because I’m not quite sure who I am anymore… do I make dance music? country? should I start rapping next? he has helped me realize that I’m just me and that mostly I’m a model. Thanks @drphil”

Although, this may have been just a lighthearted joke about Diplo venturing into different musical genres, it is still great to see people seeking truth and coming to a conclusion of who they are. Whenever you are questioning yourself about who you are, its best to convince yourself that you are just you. For Diplo, he was just Diplo and a model. He wasn’t a guy who makes country music. He wasn’t just a model.

What he is, as described by Dr. Phil McGraw, is himself (Thomas Wesley) and also a model. Amazing, right? A perfect start to a road of self-realization! Perhaps this change will help him get calls from even more modeling agencies.

More About Diplo and the Doc!

Diplo and Dr. Phil McGraw first came together during Joe Jonas’s wedding with Sophie Turner. Diplo live-streamed their secret marriage while the doctor commented about it in one of the couple’s photos, which gave away all the news to the couple’s fans and media.

Now people usually wonder: does Dr. Phil have a doctorate degree? Yes, he does. Expert in Clinical psychology, Dr. Phil took off after Oprah Winfrey invited him to her show after his legal firm won her a previous trial. After that, he started his TV show, the “Dr. Phil” show. Remember guys, the doctor is always here for anyone who needs him, even Diplo!

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