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Netflix’s Disenchantment Season 3 Release Date, Story & More

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The finale of season 2 was the pinnacle of two years of story development and planning. I mean, most of us can agree to this. Series writers, Josh Weinstein and Matt Groening, did a wonderful job with Easter eggs. Netflix’s Disenchantment is popularly known because of them. That’s very true as we saw a lot of references regarding Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones at some point. With the season over, it is now time we discuss the season 3 release date and a bit about the story that revolves around Abbi Jacobsons’s character, Bean.

Disenchantment Season 3 Storyline

Netflix’s Disenchantment has been renewed for another season. The question, however, is when can we see the Abbi Jacobson and Eric Andre perform again? What’s more to the story of John DiMaggio’s character, King Zog?

Season 2 of Disenchantment ended in a sort of cliffhanger. Bean was accused of being a witch and attempting to murder King Zog. Just when Luci, Bean, and Elfo were about to be executed, the ground underneath them cracked open. They fell into an underground cave where they met strange mole men. Then we got to Bean’s actual mother. People are expecting that Disenchantment’s third season will revolve around the story of King Zog and Queen Dagmar’s marriage. Moreover, it may also provide more information about the debt that Bean is required to pay off. This was something that we never heard about since the start of Disenchantment’s 2nd season.

Disenchantment Season 3 Release Date

Looking back at how the show and Netflix have released its previous season’s trailer, we can hope to see Abby Jacobson sometime in either early fall of 2020 or its late summer. Netflix’s Disenchantment follows a similar pattern to TV shows Big Mouth and Bojack Horseman. Therefore, we are sure the season 3 release date will be around that time. However, if the wait is long then maybe you can watch Abbi Jacobson and Eric Andre on their respective shows Broad City and The Eric Andrew show.

Or you could still rewatch the show Futurama. Matt Groening has created and written for that as well. Moreover, Futurama has the same voice cast as Disenchantment too (Billy West, John DiMaggio, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche, and David Herman). This explains the many similarities between the two shows!

Will We See More Game of Thrones References in Season 3?

At first, the Disenchantment writers wanted to decrease direct references to other shows and stories. The very first episode showed Game of Thrones’ iron throne and how it killed Princess Bean’s betrothed. He said that, just like in Futurama, the audience would start expecting references and Easter eggs meanwhile a good comedy is based around unexpected.

However, perhaps Groening had a change of plan as we saw several references from different places in both seasons of Disenchantment. From hidden Futurama references to open ones like Daenerys, iron throne, and others like dog milk from TV show Kryten, we saw A LOT of them. There was even a reference that linked with slaver city of Meereen from GoT! So, we’ll probably see more of that in the upcoming season too!

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