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Joe Dempsie A.K.A Gendry of Game of Thrones Signs Up For Charity

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Gone are the days when Game of Thrones used to give us anxiety and blood pressure. All those uplifts and disappointments, sigh. There are only a handful of TV shows that gave us these many emotional floods. I mean, from where did the Dothraki come from for the last episode? Ridiculing democracy? Gendry vanishing from the storyline suddenly? The buildup and destruction of  Brienne’s character? The list goes on. Luckily, all of that is over, times have moved on and we should as well. Hence, we are here to announce that Joe Dempsie, a.k.a Gendry Baratheon of Game of Thrones has become an ambassador for a charity group, DENS Charity.

Joe Dempsie Joins DENS Charity

Joe Dempsie of Game of Thrones stayed with the show till the last season and survived it all. Apart from that, The Game of Thrones star raised his popularity by working on different projects including Doctor Who and Deep State.

Though, he isn’t staying busy with just Hollywood projects. Our very own Gendry has been also named as the first-ever ambassador for the DENS charity group. He signed up to take part in the coming month’s sleepout campaign. Here, he and his fellow charity workers will try to raise funds for DENS who try to eradicate homelessness. DENS charity is trying this by raising awareness of the problems homeless people face: their poverty and social inclusion.

Here is what Joe Dempsie had to say about this:

Come on guys, let’s do this! For one night only, on November 15, let’s wap our cosy beds and put ourselves in th ehsoes of those who have to face sleeping rough every night. Join me in helping them get back on the straight and narrow.

He continued:

I’m proud to be an Ambassador for DENS and do my bit to raise awareness of this awesome local charity, as well as highlght the issues of the people facing homelessness, poverty and social inclusion.

DENS’s aim is to be the first response to the problems the way how many homeless in the UK face. For now, their services range in Hertfordshire and are temporary. You can show your support to this noble cause by joining hands with DENS or any other homeless charities Hertfordshire has.

While Joe Dempsie takes care of DENS charity, you go watch how Gendry takes care of Arya Stark on different streaming services such as Amazon Prime and HBO Plus. However, don’t forget to donate to these charities.

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