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XXXTentacion Death- Rappers Influence Gangster Lifestyle?

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XXXTentacion, the 20-year-old upcoming rapper was recently shot dead in Miami, Florida. The tragic incident took place while the rapper was leaving Motorsports in Deerfield Beach. Two armed men approached XXXTentacion there, who fired and took the rapper’s life away. As shocking as it was, XXXTentacion himself was popular for producing aggressive and edgy music. It can be said that his music taste supported his personal choices. The rapper was charged with numerous cases for domestic abuse, aggression strangulation, and witness tampering. One glance at his life was enough to predict the end he met.

Well even when XXXTentacion met a nasty end, it’s not just him. A whole lot of rappers out there do end up the same way. The psychopathic killers may not be the sole cause here, but also the fact that the majority of the music these rappers produce to promote a gangster lifestyle and violence.

Derek Brown Shares His Story

Derek Brown, a gangster of his own days’ shares that rap music is destructive when played out in real life. He heard gangster rap and became influenced by the destructive message it had. Brown shares that,

I remember listening to N.W.A. and they were singing ‘(F-word) Tha Police,’ and I became somebody who believed in that kind of language, and low-grading women and calling them out of their names. When I shot people, the first thing I did was put on a record.

Rap Music Going Over the Edge as seen in XXXTenacion’s case

Shocking as it is, it remains true. Rap music has certainly gone a bit over the edge, and people are paying for it. African Americans may be more susceptible to being influenced by this message because society isn’t too welcoming of them. The society has subtle racist ideologies which prevent these perfectly able and qualified African Americans to live a life they deserve. As a consequence, they face more poverty and social exclusion. Their sense of identity is ripped apart from them, the only choice left for some is to turn to this music.

We are in no way saying that this music is a dangerous tool. But given the circumstances, it can lead to the socially marginalized to seek role models from this music industry and somehow distort the message. Many of them, like Brown, may be influenced to a very destructive level. When this music becomes a mantra to them, they act out the roles presented in this music.

Music Isn’t to Blame

It’s not just the music, but so many rappers are themselves living away from this gangster lifestyle. It’s just common or ‘cool‘ for them. If you take a look, so many popular ones who did this met the same end as XXXTentacion. Remember Tupac Shakur and Christopher G. Wallace? Both of these gangster-rappers were shot dead!

It may not be these rappers’ desires for their fans to lead such lives, they may only intend to hold up a mirror to society and tell their own stories. They may not want them to go out and shoot people as they rap about. Just listen to “Sad” by XXXTenacion, it’s a song about heartache and suicidal thoughts. You can feel the pain with each verse. Why would someone in pain want others to be so as well?

May XXXTenacion rest in peace and may we understand the social conflict inherent in our societies so that everyone can be given equal opportunities.

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    R.I.P X may he fly high

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