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Meet Aya Cash | Newest Supe Stormfront Of ‘The Seven’ In ‘The Boys’

Or as they say, Never Meet Your Heroes. (P.S. Prospective Spoilers Alert)

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If you have seen Amazon Prime’s The Boys season 1, you know how many people The Seven lost. All of them did not die though. Hughie ass-bombed Translucent, and yes he died because not even Supes can survive that. The deep was thrown into the Abyss, on a sabbatical, discarded and left alone; literally. The jury is still out on A-Train. Therefore, The Seven has many open vacancies for new Supes as a plot for The Boys season 2. However, Butcher, Hughie and their team will be facing a new threat, newest Supe, Stormfront in next season. Aya Cash will be performing the character of Stormfront. And yes, we are excited.

Aya Cash as Stormfront In The Boys Season 2

Aya Cash is an American actress, famous for her lead role in You’re The Worst. Ironically, she will be joining the worst team of Supes in The Boys. Though we do not have much details of her character in The Boys season 2. However, we can safely assume the brains behind the series will change her story a bit as compared to the comics. They have, in fact, already changed her gender. Stormfront is male in the comics, whereas; a female in The Boys series.

Though the images have been taken down now, someone shared The Boys Season 2 shoot images where Aya Cash could be seen in Stormfront costume. If they just stick to gender change only, then Aya Cash will be one of the most powerful Supes in The Seven as well as The Boys world. Like seriously, her superpowers can be considered equivalent to Homelander. Aya Cash can manipulate electricity as Stormfront. She can also fly, has a super-strong body and as her name indicates, she can manipulate the weather.

Will Stormfront Stay In The Seven For Season 3?

It is hard to tell at the moment. However, as per comics, The Boys kill Stormfront during a gruesome fight. We hope she stays alive in The Boys season 2 as her You’re The Worst fans just got her back. Aya Cash will be playing the role of a racist, sexist, and everything considered awful since Stormfront was turned & raised by Nazi Germany. Let’s wait for more official details of the character.

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