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Psychology Behind The Cyberbully

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Bullying is terrible, but you know what makes it even worse? Being a cyber bully! You’re simply exploiting technology to torture people. And, it goes with the belief that since your chances of getting tracked down are less, you’re good to go! It’s disgusting but true. We’ve all experienced it in mild ways probably, but so many out there lost their lives to it. So, what is with these cyber bullies?

Cyber bullying is different. Yes, it is equally awful, but different from traditional bullying. And that is what makes it more prevalent and dangerous. Since the concept is newer, many people don’t even know how to react. Plus now that everyone almost has an internet access, cyber bullying can happen anywhere and at any time. Cyber bullies just hide behind Internet screens to harass their targets anonymously. As cowardly it is, it gives bullies extra protection. Also, cyber bullies literally can expose their victims out for the whole world to see. Let’s mention a cyber bullying victim here- Jessica Logan. This high school senior sent her boyfriend a nude picture that went viral on the internet once they broke up. Unable to suffer the shame, Jessica killed herself. Ironically, cyber bullying just increases because of Internet safety rules- save your evidence.

Thinking that bullies are inhumane and terrible is common. But have you ever wondered what makes them into this horrible person that they become? Psychologists say that the reality of bullies can be traced down to their childhoods. Kids whose parents are threatening in childhood are more likely to use this approach with their peers as well. Another problem with bullies is that they consider themselves well-liked. Well, there is a difference between being feared and being liked. And these bullies definitely are unaware of it.

You all need to understand that nobody gives birth to a bully. Rather, they raise them. Difficult troublesome upbringing can make a child aggressive and defensive. Bullies see threats and insults around them. To them, everybody is asking for such behavior and it’s no big deal. Also, they search out for weaker people in order to assert their superiority by lashing out at them. Bullying is a coping mechanism for children with turbulent upbringing, low self-esteem, and vulnerability. If you don’t let your child have a say in their life, they’ll probably bully someone to get a say there. Bullies cover up their insecurities by making others feel judged and ridiculed. On one social networking site, a girl named Hannah Smith let people ask her anonymous questions and comments. And one cruel person made horrifying comments on her weight leading to Hannah hanging herself.

Raising children can be tough, but let’s do it well. Give them space to know themselves, to interact, and to live. The world needs less bullying!

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