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WWE 2k Series Disappoints Fans After WWE 2k20 Release

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Have you ever seen a game release much worse than the one we are seeing now? Although it has been a while since most of us last saw wrestling or played wrestling games, this noise brings back out attention. After spending a successful time with WWE 2K19 fans expected a bit more in the next upcoming sequel of WWE 2K series. However, judging by the reactions, things have gone very wrong for WWE 2K20.

Has WWE 2K20 Failed?

Now that is a very open question and honestly, we are not sure about it right now. However, the game released just today and was met with outraged fans as they claimed that the game was broken. Putting up video clips and screenshots on social media, fans are raising cries of “money wasted” as they expected better from the WWE video game.

However, we might be able to predict a reason for this “shaky” launch. Yuke’s company was responsible for the previous 26 WWE video games. They left their partnership with WWE and that was enough to predict a downfall after WWE 2K19. You see, Yuke’s Co. specializes in developing wrestling games and they have 20 years of experience in the field. Hence, after their departure, 2K Games and 2K Sports were left scrambling to complete the WWE 2K20 without them.

What is Wrong With The Game?

Fans have already started to make a list of all the faults and glitches present in the game. Now, we can list them down for you or you can just visit this Reddit thread that gives you all the details.

Moreover, Twitter is bursting with the hashtag #FixWWE2K20 as fans and players voice out their anger. The following are some of the tweets:


Would you be willing to spend 90 US Dollars to buy a game that is this much broken? It appears that it is not just about the glitches. WWE 2K20 has graphics and textures that are… well… terrible. Take a look at what these Twitter users had to say:

Amazingly, all is not lost for the WWE video games. People are also saying that WWE 2K20 has a quicker loading time, and the lightings have gotten better this time.  Perhaps, 2K Games might want to start from there and see what went wrong? If you guys are still interested, WWE 2K20 is out now on X Box One and PlayStation 4. Let us know what you think of the game and how your experience was!

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