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ICYMI: The New Star Wars Trailer for The Rise of Skywalker Talking Points

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Only a few hours ago today Star Wars released its final trailer of the final film, The Rise of Skywalker. The new Star Wars trailer not only features Carrie Fisher, as promised by Mark Hamill but a lot more. The wait till December 20 is going to be a long one if we want to see how the likes of Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac come together to host a marvelous finale.

Fans have waited for decades to see the end of Star Wars. The final trailer of the final and latest Star Wars film ran the tagline “The saga will end. The story lives forever”. Lucas Films and Disney have shut down the narrative of Luke Skywalker, a boy caught between an intergalactic battle since the saga’s first release, A New Hope.

Although there is more to Star Wars coming in Disney’s latest streaming service, the original movie saga which gathered millions of fans will be shut down after this. George Lucas’s original 1977 will culminate in an epic battle in this movie, so let’s see what might have gone unnoticed in this trailer.

The Rise of Skywalker Showed An End to C-3PO

If you thought that you had seen enough farewells in the previous movie, The Last Jedi, then you are wrong. Perhaps after the death of Luke Skywalker and the actual death of Carrie Fisher we all would say that we have had enough. However, the new Star Wars movie shows a possible end to our good old, rusty C3-PO. The Star Wars trailer shows it looking at his “friends” before a possible permanent shut down.

Is The Emperor Back?

You thought with the emperor gone, things in the Star Wars Universe will start falling into place? Did you not consider the possibility of the return of Emperor Palpatine? Now, we are still not sure if he comes back physically or if it is just some memory flashback. However, the trailer sure made it look intense by showing the empty throne with his voice behind.

The End of Trailer

Now, it is pretty much obvious that every set of Star Wars features a character around which the story is revolved. The original works by George Lucas had a story around Luke Skywalker, while the prequels revolved around Anakin Skywalker. The sequels are now storied around Rey. We guess that J J Abrams made sure that she received an outstanding end. That is because the final trailer scene echoes the lines “The Force will be with you” and “Always” by Luke and Leia, respectively.

Though there is a lot of time till December 20, the fans have been fed droplets for far too long. To have them jumping yet again, only time will tell if everything was worth it!

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