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Can We Really Be Mad At Peter Fonda?

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Popular actor Peter Fonda just came out with his harsh tweet on Donald Trump’s youngest son. Fonda exclaimed that Barron Trump should be taken away from his mother. Not just that, Fonda went further to say that the boy should be placed “in a cage with pedophiles”. Deleting the tweet has not replaced any of the damage that it did. While the Trump family is calling Fonda sick, coward and irresponsible bully, maybe there is more to know before we actually start hating on Peter Fonda.

Right before Fonda took it to an extreme, people discovered President Trump’s executive order. Donald Trump actually agreed to end the separation of migrant children from parents. Traumatic separation between detained parents and their children was not helping Trump lessen his haters! Just when you thought that Trump got a heart, here’s the second part of the order. The new ‘family unity’ means detaining the children along with their parents now.

You might not be able to figure out why the Trump family is bombarding Fonda with hate, right? Well, it’s a mystery to us too. All that Melania Trump and her children have done is supported someone like Trump (Believe me, that would be hard to do even if he’s family). Trump can be racist, sexist, and cruel when he separates refugee children from their families, and that’s okay. But when someone else does it, they become despicable? Come on people, Fonda just targeted you in a situation you yourself created!

Not to defend Peter Fonda for his extremist tweets, but if you look at it, he was trying to provoke a protest against immigration policies. What can you expect out of an activist who is sick of harsh Trump policies? Taking away children from refugee parents was something Peter Fonda clearly didn’t approve off. His tweets were simply just to awaken the Trump family. Yes, he just wanted to make a point – everyone needs to oppose this policy!

But saying they should be handing a child to pedophiles definitely isn’t the most practical solution. While Peter Fonda has issued apologies to the Trump family, the only thing we must do here is pray – God please don’t make Barron Trump turn out like his father!

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