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Back to the Future’s Marty McFly Showed Us 5 Future Technology We have Today

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Back to the Future is a Scifi RomCom adventurous movie about a guy who time jumps using a special time-traveling car and reaches the year 2015. Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) sees people using technology which, in 1989, one could only imagine. Although all three movies hold a special place in our hearts, the second film gained a lot of hype. It predicted awesome future technology, like hoverboards and flying cars.

It is October 21 today and if you are among the Millenials you should know how important this day is. If you are not, that is okay as well. In the movie “Back to the Future”, Marty McFly jumped to this date. Although the actual date was October 21, 2015, we must remind you of the movie’s greatness on this day every year.

Today, work is still being done on some of the products featured in Back to the Future II. Let us see how much of what Marty Mcfly saw has become a reality:

1. People Using Biometric Devices

Marty McFly’s girlfriend unlocked her main house door using a thumbprint. Today we call this a biometric technology and it is everywhere!

Skip to the 2:30 time to see the biometric system we use today!

2. When Future Marty McFly Was On A Video Call

When Marty visited the future, he saw how his future self was on a video calling device. Although things did not turn out great for his future self by the end of the call, the whole prophecy has become true today. Video calls have become a norm and a part of our daily and professional lives through apps like Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp and Google Duo.

3. Back To The Future Told Us About Hoverboards

Let’s face it guys. Those “scooters” we see today are NOT hoverboards. You can argue all you like but hoverboards float in mid-air, just like Back to the Future II showed us. You may call it a similar future technology, but Marty Mcfly will never accept this.

4. Waste Powered Cars Were A Thing

Michael J Fox’s SciFi adventure featured unique cars that could use waste as fuel. Today, we call this technology Bioenergy.  Although we have yet to see cars being run on biofuel we are already shifting to hydrogen fuel cell cars. a

You’d be surprised to know that this invention actually inspired an actual Japanese who is CEO of a firm focusing on creating technology that is going to improve and increase recycling at a grand scale. Plus, they’re even working on a waste-fueled car that we saw in the movie! Pretty cool, right?

5. Handsfree Video Games

In the movie, Marty McFly shows a couple of kids his in-game shooting accuracy by playing Wild Gunman. After seeing the use of hands for video games the kids were not impressed. Although hands are still needed to operate controllers today, gaming consoles have surely become wireless. Moreover, Xbox Kinect has already made the idea of handsfree gaming possible since its launch in 2010.


“Back to The Future” gave us a pretty awesome highlight of what technology will we have in the future. We may have broken through some of the future technology portrayed in the movie. However,  if we want to see flying cars or the typical back to the future car, a great deal of work still needs to be done. In the meantime, you can watch Back to the Future on Amazon Prime!

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