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Ben Platt Shares His Coming Out Story

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Coming out is a serious and very hard thing for queer people to do. To us, it may only seem like just announcing who we like romantically, but for people who come out, there’s s many other things they have to consider. Ben Platt, the star of the new Netflix show, The Politician got candid with Variety and told them about his coming out story.

Ben Platt – “I don’t think I realized the gravity of it”

The musical singer came out publicly with a music video.  It features Charlie Carver playing his love interest. Regarding this, Ben Platt says,

It was really a conscious decision. You know, I’m going to be public about this, [but] to go in and edit my relationship seemed silly for no reason. I don’t think I realized the gravity of it until it was out and I was seeing people’s reaction  to it.

When asked about how coming out has affected his career, Ben Platt said,

There was never like a gung-ho of ‘Let’s come out as soon as possible’ because no matter how forward-thinking we all get, it becomes an obstacle a little bit in the case of auditioning, producers and casting and directors. Hopefully we’re moving a bit beyond that.

Seriously, more power to everyone who comes out and even if someone reading this is still in the closet, we hope there comes a time when you’re comfortable enough to come out as what you really are.

Platt on Starring in The Politician

Can you all believe that Ben Platt never thought that he’d be cast in a show like The Politician? Just imagine The Politician without Ben Platt. It’d be so much different. Platt helps bring Ryan Murphy’s unique vision to life and he does so splendidly.

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