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Lady Gaga Tweets To Know Who Ninja Is

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Lady Gaga wants to know about Ninja. The Star Is Born actress is on the bulletin’s forefront for her inquiring posts about the popular online game Fortnite and it’s pro-player Ninja.

Apparently, it’s a simple gag where the busy singer, Gaga just inquired about the game Fortnite at Social Media platforms. Her tweet even just reads, what is Fortnite? Believe it or not, this one line question received more than 990k+ likes on Twitter. Now, let’s see how much extra will the current tweet “Ninja who are you” will earn.

Lady Gaga, Fortnite And Fortnite Chapter 2

As a matter of fact, Fortnite is an epic game that has recently become viral. This addictive game kept players busy staring at a black hole with nothing but a secret Space Invading gameplay. Recently, another installment of Fortnite with the title Fortnite Chapter 2, is released where players are allowed to access a fresh map as well as they are permitted to fish and swim.

Hence, Lady Gaga’s interrogation about the game “What’s fortnight” has provided a broad platform for global responses especially belonging to the entertainment genre.


Lady Gaga’s Response To Ninja’s Invitation

Although Gaga turned deaf ears towards these countless throwbacks, yet, can’t stop herself to reply to one of the game’s master streamers, the famous Ninja.

When Ninja addressed Gaga saying “Call me on the Telephone. I’ll give you a Million Reasons to play.” Gaga spontaneously asked who that Ninja is ?.

Ninja could not stop himself from answering.

Well, Lady Gaga did not respond to it.

Is The Matter Signaling Some Upcoming Blast?

This question sparked unlimited speculations whether Gaga is genuinely ignorant about the game and the player or she is mocking over Ninja’s decision of never streaming games with women.

Whatever be the reason, the saga has become a town talk with countless fans responding to the matter. Most of the online streamers believe that this is not as simple as it appears. In fact, this exchange of tweets may tease an upcoming musical treat from the Academy Award winner, Lady Gaga.

The singer who is skilled at a number of online games including Bayonetta can apply this ignorant strategy to vend her signature accessories and moves in content wrapping via the Fortnite game. In addition, this might be a hint for another celebrity-gaming relationship.

Ninja-The Fortnite Player

Ninja, in fact, is a gaming celebrity, who is known for playing battle-royale game Fortnite. The gamer played the game on Twitch. Ninja collected more than 14 million followers on Twitch, later he switched to Microsoft’s Mixer platform.

The popular Ninja also managed to gather around 15 million followers on Instagram and over 5 million on Twitter. Moreover, the gaming pro told CNBC that he managed to earn more than $6 million from streaming the online game Fortnite.

Ninja, Richard Tyler Blevins, is born in  Detroit, MI. This 28-year-old gamer is a known live video -game champion. He is popular for his mastery in gameplay and for his witty responses.

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