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Trisha Paytas Confirms False Pregnancy | Aaron Carter: ‘Baby Daddy’?

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Since her breakup with ex-boyfriend Jason Nash, she wanted to get back in the relationship with him. However, she ended up exposing him as a cheater, telling everyone her father believed she’ll be a nun one day, missed being with Jason Nash even after exposing him as a cheater. It took ages, however; she was finally over Jason Nash. Trisha Paytas upped her singing game and released many tracks back to back, wanted to become pregnant and had a reunion with Aaron Carter. As a matter of fact, getting over Jason Nash led her to be super busy in her life. Trisha also tried coming out as a transgender which backfired, we hope she finds her true self as struggling with gender and sexuality can be hard. In the whole chaos, she just added a video that shows her discussion on her pregnancy symptoms. But, do not worry, she is not pregnant. Trisha Paytas just has early pregnancy acne and a false pregnancy test.

Trisha Paytas Is Not Pregnant | Fan Theory: Aaron Carter Was The Dad?

While you are wondering where to find sources of that fan theory, meet our brains. We just tried to match her pregnancy video to the guys she met a month ago. Even though Trisha Paytas met a few other guys disclosed in her videos, we are only focusing on Aaron Carter. Well, let’s rewind to “I’m not doing well at all” shared on September 29, 2019. Trisha Paytas, in fact, discussed dating a guy for a month and wanting to have babies but opening up to the guy about her gynae complications led her to break up with him. (Or, he broke up with her, I don’t remember). 

Rewind it further, (on her Trisha Paytas channel), she shared a video titled “Sunday funday with Aaron“. Well, yes they met, yes they were intimate during that meeting because Trisha Paytas’ Instagram stories at that time and soon-deleted image of their kiss cannot be ignored.  Oh, and that video was released by Trisha on September 4, 2019. Now the Sherlock-y question is, was she seeing Aaron Carter on that weekend and dating another guy at the same time. (Focus on the dates of both mentioned videos).

Here Is Another Receipt

Okay here is the proof Trisha Paytas and Aaron Carter were intimate, like really intimate.


Surprisingly, this tweet is still not deleted. Moreover, Aaron Carter who stays online 24/7 and responds to everyone, has not responded to this tweet yet. We will not get the details unless someone “buys” it from Trisha Paytas. Moreover, Trisha Paytas did not disclose when was that sex tape filmed. So, we are just going to assume it happened at the time they were having Sunday Fun-Day.

Trisha Paytas Shades Jason Nash

You know you have a Ph.D. in Trisha Paytas when you can read between her lines. Even though she is over her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash, she never misses a chance to shade him. Surprisingly, Jason Nash has never addressed her since the breakup. And he has never responded to her directly or indirectly in his videos. Well, Jason Nash is enjoying his life with David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad girls…and guys.

Well, she has moved on from Aaron Carter for sure.

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