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James Arthur’s You | Official Video Will Melt Your Heart

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James Arthur has proved once again that his X Factor game is still strong. Even though Arthur faced many controversies during his career, his fan-following is still strong. The English singer has dropped many hits to date and he is currently working on his third album release. The album titled You is releasing on October 18, 2019. However, James Arthur has been teasing his followers with clips from his latest song from the album, with the same name You. The trailer for the track dropped 3 days ago and Arthur announced it on his Twitter profile that video will be dropping this Monday. And yes, his collaboration with Travis Barker is available now.


The Heart-Touching Video Of You Will Boost Your Morale

Even though the video is very deep and emotional, it boosts your morale and motivates you to progress in your life. Some fans are even calling it a wakeup call for the generation. The video shows the story of a young girl facing the trauma of physical abuse. When a garage-owner finds her in an alley being beaten by two thugs, he takes her inside and gets surprised after uncovering her face that she is a girl, not a guy. Though the reason behind the beating is not shown, however, we can guess she is a homeless person. The garage-owner also happens to be an ex-boxer who teaches her how to fight and defend herself. After she finds a purpose to live and a job at his garage, the old guy loses his life and she is left alone on her own. But she does not stop there and joins boxing professionally.

The video holds a deep message. In fact, the lyrics are very motivating as well. The song You defines how you can just be you, and not get affected by the demotivating comments from others. People try to humiliate others and they cannot see other people progressing. But you can still progress in your life and follow your dreams.

They want you to stare into your screen
and see yourself
Blow smoke into your mirror til you’re
mentally unwell
So don’t let them catch you with lies
and deceit
They can’t take your soul or desire for

James Arthur & Travis Barker’s Masterpiece

James Arthur’s You is a collaboration with the amazing Travis Barker. In fact, Barker is an amazing drummer and he is famous for his work in the Blink-182 band. He has released solo work as well as many brilliant collaborations with other singers and bands including Suicideboys, Transplants and The Aquabats. As a matter of fact, James Arthur was very excited to collaborate with Travis Barker for his song. The video was released an hour ago and fans are already talking about it.





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  1. Playforblood says

    Great article! You capture the song and video quite well. James Arthur is simply the best artist I have seen in my lifetime. I get chills from most of his songs. Amazing!

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