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Sulli, Former Member of Fx has Passed Away

Trigger Warning.

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Sulli, the former member of the kpop group fx has passed away at a young age of 25. Sulli’s death came as a shock to the kpop industry and the fans. The kpop industry has lost a precious gem. The world has yet again lost another talented artist to depression.

Sulli has Passed Away

It was first reported to the police that Sulli had passed away at around 4:30 kst. However, at that moment there was no confirmation of her death or whether it was a suicide attempt or not. It was about an hour later that it was confirmed that the kpop star had indeed passed away. She had taken her own life.

Her body was discovered by her manager at 3:15 kst at her apartment. Sulli’s death was confirmed by the entertainment label she was under. SM Entertainment, which had recently lost another one of their singers, Shinee Jonghyun, to suicide two years ago, stated,

They are sorry for the terrible news. They confirm Sulli has left this world. It’s an unbelievable situation, they are full of sorrow. They ask for privacy for her family. They wish for no groundless things to be said about her.

Sulli’s name has been trending from the moment her death was announced. Fans are grieving and talking about how Sulli was an inspiration for them.

The Hate Comments and Toxic Fan Culture

Hate Comments and Toxic Fan culture Sulli

We are going to take this moment to say just one thing. Your words have consequences. They have way more power than anything else. If you don’t know anything or have only heard a baseless rumor, please don’t bash the person involved. Celebrities are also human and harsh words affect them. They may not show that on camera but the hate comments bother them a lot. They take a toll on their mental health. So, we would like to address the toxic stan culture. Please be careful with your words. We have already lost so many precious people, we don’t want to lose more. Please think before you start throwing insults at someone else.

Sulli had been constantly criticized by the conservative Korean netizens. Her live shows would be full of hate comments and nitpicking at her clothing. Please, let celebrities live their lives the way they’re comfortable with. You don’t own them. We hope all the anti’s and netizens now realize that their hate comments have consequences. Someone might die because of them. We would also like to take this moment to tell the news outlets that publish baseless rumors about celebrities to please refrain from them.

Events Cancelled Following Sulli Death

Events Cancelled Following Sulli Death

The group member of Sulli, Amber announced on her twitter that she’ll be canceling her recent events. All events scheduled for today were canceled. These include the comeback live show of Super Junior. Taeyeon, who was a close friend to Sulli also delayed the teaser pictures scheduled for today.

We are glad that the industry is taking the right step to respect Sulli’s death. However, we also like to say that these same companies should start paying attention to their celebrities’ mental health. They need to stop overworking them and should take severe legal action against hate comments.

We express our deepest condolences to Sulli’s friends and family. Today on 14th October we lost a precious, beautiful soul but let’s wish her a happy and nice rest. Let’s also take this moment to also think about how our words have power and consequences. Let’s be careful.

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