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Shane Dawson’s New Makeup Palette Looks Dope

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If you’ve been following the exciting Shane Dawson series with Jeffree Star entitled ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’, you would know that the makeup world is about to be shaken by a new makeup palette.

Shane Dawson is working with his close friend Star to create a new conspiracy makeup palette. In episode 2, we got to know the details of the names and what colors might be. In the third episode ‘The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star’, we got to see actual samples of the color shades.

And guess what folks! Shane has finally learned how to swatch shades on his hands:

Shane Dawson New Makeup Palette Shades Swatching
Plus, the shades look truly amazing. Look out beauty community, Shane Dawson means business.

All of the shades were tested out and a majority of them were approved. Well, half-approved. The shades will be 100% approved when they look good on the eyes as well.

But Jeffree Star showcased his genius skills of creating an artistic layout for the makeup palette:

Jeffree Star Makeup Shane Dawson Makeup Palette

We also got to know a lot of the names that Shane Dawson will probably use for the shades in the new makeup palette.

Names and Colors

Some of the names were an ode to Shane’s YouTube channel: Food Videos which is a bright yellow, Controversy, and Just a Theory have a dark red and maroon vibe going on.

There’s also Ranch (a white metallic shade), I’m Going Home (beautiful blue), and My Uber’s Here (a dark black shade)

Some were for his YouTube friends Trisha Paytas (bright and sparkly pink) and Tanacon (dark and faded bronze). One of the shades was dedicated to his brother ‘Flat Earth’. There was also ‘Flaming Hot’ (bright red) and ‘Cheeto Dust’ (vibrant orange). There’s also an interesting purple shade called ‘Irrelevant’.

One is ‘Cry on My couch’ which is the color of Shane’s old couch where a lot of YouTubers have cried on while opening up about their lives. And there’s also ‘Sleep Paralysis’ which is one of the black shades in the palette. The shade won’t be used because Jeffree Star didn’t think it was good enough but he liked the name so another shade may be named that.

Plus, since there were a lot of shades that were approved by both Dawson and Star, there is going to be another mini makeup palette and it’s called Mini Controversy. This name was chosen by close friend and video editor Andrew Siwicki.

Fans Love the Makeup Palette Already

On Twitter, fans are already sharing their thoughts over the video upload by Shane Dawson. Many are excited about the new palette and want to buy it:



You can watch the whole video here.

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