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From 8chan To 8kun | Has The Controversial Banned Site Really Grown Up?

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The notorious, controversial and very much banned website 8chan (infinity chan) is coming back to the internet world under a new name. The website went offline in August 2019. However, the team behind the 8chan is relaunching under a new name and logo 8kun. If you have read the news already, you know chan means child and Kun means a grown-up version of the child. There is no word on “when” it will go online. However, the news has us wondering, has the website really grown up?

From 8chan to 8kun | Why The Change?

Well, Jim Watkins is not going anywhere. 8chan still has a huge fan following and the addicts are missing their message boards. Due to the constant demand, Watkins is coming back with a new name and he is most probably transferring all the previous message boards to the new server. The official twitter account of 8chan shocked the world a couple of days back when they shared a teaser of their new website name.

The teaser has the 8kun logo print on a damaged “pirates” style flag. That’s not it, the officials also posted this message for their loyal users.

If you were previously a Board Owner on 8chan, please email us at [email protected] with your shared secret if you are interested in migrating your board to 8kun.

Well, the officials have not addressed the concerns of many people out there. Is it going to provide another safe platform to the terrorists and mass shooters? Will it still let people circulate child pornography, racism, hateful speech, and supremacist views? Though Jim Watkins believes 8chan was properly following the exceptional promise of the first amendment. We are unable to understand why is he coming back with a separate name, instead of reinstating 8chan.

The developer Fredrick Brennan who created 8chan, however, resigned from the team in April 2016, has this to say about the upcoming 8kun.



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